The Brazilian police conclude that Bolsonaro played a “direct” role in spreading false news

The Brazilian federal police announced on Thursday that a police investigation identified the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, as primarily responsible for the use of false reports in attacks on democratic institutions during the 2018 elections and concluded that his role was “direct and relevant “was.

“This research has enabled us to identify Bolsonaro’s direct and relevant role in disinformation (during the elections), along with his adherence to the ‘standard’ process used by members of other countries’ governments,” as the reports spokeswoman for the Brazilian police, Denisse Ribeiro.

The information appears in a statement already sent to the Brazilian Supreme Court to be included in the President’s investigation into false news as gathered by the G1 news portal.

The Brazilian police conclude that Bolsonaro played a “direct” role in spreading false news
The Brazilian police conclude that Bolsonaro played a “direct” role in spreading false news

This police investigation highlights that “the life of the president was led with the clear aim of misinforming and deceiving the population about the fairness of the electoral system”.

Bolsonaro’s actions “questioned the veracity of the actions of the public actors involved in the electoral process” and fueled conspiracy theories “which promote the strengthening of a particular ideology,” as Ribeiro has explained.

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ruled last April that Bolsonaro would be included in an investigation into false news for his attacks with no evidence of the electronic voting system after the Supreme Electoral Court filed a motion on Monday (TSE ).

“There is no doubt that the actions of the President of the Republic indicate illegal practices using social media mass disclosure programs for this purpose, with the aim of jeopardizing or damaging the independence of the judiciary, the rule of law and democracy. “Said the magistrate four months ago.

According to Judge De Moraes, Bolsonaro is believed to have committed 11 different crimes, including libel, defamation, incitement to crime, apologizing for a crime, criminal organization or false report. When his allegations on the case emerged, the president called the investigation “illegal” and threatened with “an antidote” that was “outside the constitution”.

“The magistrate Alexandre de Moraes puts me in the investigation of ‘fake news’ (…), he accuses me of a liar. This is a very serious allegation, even more so in an investigation that was born without legal basis. is he investigating and punishing? ”said Bolsonaro at the time.

This new scenario could ultimately result in Bolsonaro being politically disqualified and preventing his participation in the presidential elections, despite the fact that the prosecution must have the support of two-thirds of the House of Representatives in order to handle the case. Ultimately, the Supreme would decide his guilt or not.

In August, the president asked the press to provide evidence of alleged tampering with the ballot boxes in the election process, but released hoaxes and videos that had already been denied.

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