The Brazilian creates a metaverse in which people can “live” forever, even after death

Eternal life in a digital environment seems like science fiction, but is becoming more and more of a reality every day thanks to the “Legathum” project, a Project that brings together multiple technologies, including blockchain, AI, and builds the “metaverse” of the human mind.

Brazilian neuropsychologist Deibson Silva is the founder of the project and says the project, which is already in production, aims to perpetuate human memory and bring it to life in an interactive environment so that all generations can learn and live with the human knowledge accumulated over the years.

It all started during the Covid-19 pandemic, in which People began to think about the fragility of life and how important the memories of those we love are to our growth as humanity.

The Brazilian creates a metaverse in which people can “live” forever, even after death
The Brazilian creates a metaverse in which people can “live” forever, even after death

Silva is a neuropsychologist who graduated from the USP School of Medicine and has been studying human behavior since 2013, when he launched behavior analysis softwarevaluationUsed by more than 1.2 million people around the world and its methodology has already trained more than 11,000 professionals. from Brazil, USA, Portugal, Angola.

The initiative also includes data scientists Alice Hua and Tim Chen, Experts in artificial intelligence graduated from the University of California at Berkeleyone of the largest public universities in the United States. The intellectual property base developed in the project is even validated by UC Berkeley itself in research entitled MemorAI, available on the official website of this university.

„The goal really is to make people eternal, to make every human being leave their legacy and from there, whether they live or not, to share their mentality, to share their knowledge with other people.‘” emphasizes the neuropsychologist.

The initiative also has Programmers, game developers and artificial intelligence experts as well as a team of neuropsychologists Brazilians and Americans from the most prestigious universities in the world.

Silva explains that Legathum uses various technologies to keep the legacy of humans alive in the metaverse. For this, The prototypes under development use a storytelling method in which the person “Ethernum”, a robot with artificial intelligence, tells their story who acts as a mentor, guiding the person through their answers, building and mapping their knowledge. to immortalize your experiences.

In this way, through various technological developments, Ethernum will combine the data and create one virtual profile as if it were an avatarwhich acts as an archive of all possible aspects of the person’s personality and will be available after death.

„That is, instead of just remembering how wise a certain person was, your grandfather, your mother, your brother, you can access their profile in the app to find out for yourself what was the most important moment of their life. what he felt. What do you think about a certain topic? What advice would you give if you were in a specific situation? This serves to perpetuate knowledge and share knowledge beyond physical and temporal limitations‘ emphasizes Sylva.


To show the potential of creation, The company created a new generation of sentient avatars called Meta Homo Sapiens. Meta Jobs and Meta Einstein, virtual versions of two of the greatest personalities of recent times, Steve Jobs and Albert Einsteinwere the first avatars created by Silva and his team from the collection of data (texts, audios, videos, studies, biographies and personality mapping) extracted from the public domain available throughout the internet world and the through artificial intelligence will be able to interact with users.

In order to access Legathum’s experience and learning platform, you must purchase META Legathum, the token designed to be used as its own currency, granting the user access to all products and services available in the Metaverse, such as: What: Registering your legacy on the platform, accessing and interacting with your favorite character, visiting the interactive museum, participating in live courses, conferences, shows via virtual reality, as well as playing the game “Legacy in the Metaverse“J any other initiatives to be created and added to Legathum to bring meaning and utility to the use of Meta Legathum tokens.

„We’re working to enable the future of you to video call, chat and meet people in the metaverse in an immersive digital environment and transform lives beyond physical limitations.‘ Silva explains.

The company has a calendar of events for the month of July, the first of which will be on its own broadcast platform. The exclusive entrepreneurship podcast launches with Meta Jobs and a course on the importance of relativity in our daily lives with Meta Einstein. All of this content has been generated by artificial intelligence, owned by Legathum, from the knowledge that these great figures have left to the world. All content is something completely new and exclusive property of the company.

July will also see the opening of the Experience Center in Silicon Valley, one of the Bay Area’s hubs for innovation and robotics. On the same day, the Legathum Museum – space for displaying artworks in NFTs honoring history’s greatest figures, and Legathum Arena – space for conferences, panels and podcasts in the Metaverse will already be available in the META and Epic Games stores.

Big personalities like Cafú, Zé Roberto, Minotouro, Tirulipa, Maurício Benvenutti, Guga Stocco and Walter Longo already have a contract with the company and will be present in the Metaverse through their avatars. to provide a disruptive experience for its fans, who will have exclusive access to a personalized environment where the history of each of these personalities is presented.

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