The Brazilian Coronavirus Commission calls the Minister of Health to celebrate the Copa America

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) in charge of investigating the management of the pandemic in Brazil has decided to call again the current Minister of Health Marcelo Queiroga on the eve of the celebration of Copa América football in the country weekend, despite the epidemiological situation.

Queiroga is due this Tuesday to issue a statement on the possible failures he would have made if he had allowed this sporting event in Brazil after his celebration in Argentina was ruled out due to the health crisis.

The celebration of the tournament within the Brazilian borders, questioned even by the players of the soccer team, comes at a time when the country is already approaching 17 million cases of coronavirus after nearly 40,000 in the past 24 hours while the Number of deaths exceeds 473,400.

The Brazilian Coronavirus Commission calls the Minister of Health to celebrate the Copa America
The Brazilian Coronavirus Commission calls the Minister of Health to celebrate the Copa America

Queiroga’s re-participation was also planned in response to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s participation in several well-attended political events that failed to meet minimum standards of prevention against the pandemic.

His statement, in turn, has become necessary after the harsh criticism of the infectologist Luana Araújo days before the ICC, who was invited by Quiroga to become part of his campaign team against the corona virus, but was later dismissed by the federal government.

This week, the former Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Elcio Franco, “number two” of the former Minister Eduardo Pazuello, is also expected to attend a statement to support the government’s delay in procuring vaccines against the coronavirus and about its existence express this “parallel cabinet” that Bolsonaro would have advised during the crisis.

Conservative senator and incumbent ICC member Tasso Jereissati said Monday he was certain that following the investigation, President Bolsonaro would be named the “great boss” of the “catastrophic policies” that have been used throughout the health crisis.

“There are several clues in different lines of investigation and they all have one thing in common, Bolsonaro. The problem leads to Bolsonaro,” Jereissati said in an interview with the newspaper ‘O Globo’.

“When we talk about vaccines, where the buying process left off, the slowness, let’s go to Pazuello until we get to Bolsonaro. When we talk about criticism and obstacles to social distancing and the use of a mask … Bolsonaro. You can criticize that Minister of Salud, but it ends in Bolsonaro, “he said.

Jereissati has stated that the same logic can be applied to the controversy over the use of chloroquine and currently to the big support actions that the president holds weekly in a pure electoral key and insults and attacks on his foreseeable rivals in return for election, like the former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

“The Ministry of Health is practically immobilized, is not speaking out to these metropolitan areas, the celebration of the America’s Cup is being promoted. Who is behind it? Bolsonaro. All signs lead to the great boss of everything, the big boss of these mistakes is” undoubtedly Bolsonaro, surrounded from bad advisors.

“The responsibility will certainly fall on President Bolsonaro,” predicted Jereissati, who called Bolsonaro “the great organizer” who “advised from a team parallel to the official government” and pursued “denial policies”. “

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