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The Bolivian Senate agrees to draft a new bill to call elections

November 23, 2019
El senador opositor Óscar Ortiz en La Paz

The opposition senator Óscar Ortiz in La Paz – REUTERS / DAVID MERCADO – Archive


The legislators of the benches of the Movement To Socialism (MAS), Democratic Unit (UD) and the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) have agreed on Friday the drafting of a new bill that will allow to convene general elections in Bolivia.

The Bolivian Senate agrees to draft a new bill to call elections
The Bolivian Senate agrees to draft a new bill to call elections

The Constitution Commission of the Bolivian Upper Chamber has analyzed on Friday the bills that have been submitted by the “interim president” of the country, Jeanine Áñez, the MAS bank and the civics together with the UD senator, but have defined a new wording .

“A consensus has been reached to draft a new bill to call elections that meets these demands of the Bolivian people,” announced the president of the Senate Constitution Commission, Senator Oscar Ortiz, as reported by the news agency Bolivian ABI.

The bill will “void the previous elections, their results and establish a new mandate to create a Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) in the shortest possible time,” continued the senator.

In addition, it will allow a call for the elections to which all nationally recognized political forces can be presented and a sanctioned register must be guaranteed, but discards the possibility that the former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and his vice president, Álvaro García Linera , concur.

The date of holding the elections will remain in the hands of the new TSE, which will have to prepare an electoral calendar which will also depend on whether or not the transitory mandate of Añez is extended, according to the bill, specified 'Duty'.

“What is being done at the moment is that the technical team of the Constitution Commission will work on a new wording to propose to the full Senate and the president of the Senate is calling for tomorrow at 08:30 hours (local time) to all the senators so that before noon this law can be passed, “Ortiz said.

For his part, Áñez has expressed his desire that during the day he can reach an agreement for the call for elections, although he added that if this does not happen there are alternatives to ensure that there are elections in a short period of time. The interim president has already said on several occasions that she is willing to call the new elections by decree.

“What we all Bolivians hope is that it is consensus, that it is fast, because that is a national demand. We have put all our effort to move forward and to comply with what Bolivians ask us,” he told reporters , as reported by ABI.

“I hope that in the course of the day, if possible, there will be a consensus so that at once we accelerate the deadlines” and “we know at once when we are going to call elections,” he added. “That is the urgent thing for us,” he stressed.

Morales resigned on November 10 after the Organization of American States (OAS) confirmed “irregularities” in the presidential elections on October 20, whose official results granted him a fourth term.

Days later he arrived in Mexico, where he is in the capacity of political asylum. The former tenant of the Burned Palace denounces that he has been the victim of a “coup d'etat” and, consequently, does not recognize his interim successor, Áñez.

In this month of protests, more than 20 people have died and more than 700 have been injured. The great conflict in El Alto has prevented fueling La Paz, which has generated a shortage of basic products, including food.

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