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The Bolivian Government trusts in “strengthening” relations with Spain despite the diplomatic incident

December 31, 2019


The interim foreign minister of Bolivia, Karen Longaric, has said that relations with Spain “cannot stop” and has even called for “strengthening them”, despite the incident that has resulted in the crossing of diplomatic expulsions.

“Bilateral relations with Spain cannot stop, they have to follow their course and we have to meet again and strengthen relations,” Longaric said in a press conference gathered by the ABI news agency.

The foreign minister has justified the expulsion of Spanish diplomats, among them the business manager, Cristina Borreguero, alleging that they “violated” both national and international norms with her visit to the residence of the Mexican ambassador in La Paz, on which both disagree Governments

The Spanish Executive maintains that it was a “courtesy” visit to the former senior officials of the Government of former Bolivian president Evo Morales asylum in Mexican units. However, the representative of the Government of Jeanine Áñez for the international community, Tuto Quiroga, has accused Spain of conspiring with Mexico to “extract criminals and criminals.”

Longaric has considered the expulsion of diplomats “a matter of national dignity” for Bolivia and has downplayed the “reciprocity” measure adopted against three officials of the Bolivian Embassy in Madrid. In this regard, he pointed out that “they have not committed any irregularities.”

These three officials had been appointed during the stage in the power of Evo Morales, of which Áñez wanted to turn the page with the termination of all the ambassadors of Bolivia Abroad. The foreign minister hopes that “in the coming weeks” the diplomatic renewal will be announced for the case of Spain.