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The Bolivian assembly will involve Áñez and Longaric in the investigation of the case of respirators

May 27, 2020

This was announced by the MP for the Movement for Socialism (MAS) Édgar Montaño in an interview for the Bolivian radio station Erbol. Hours later, his fellow party member and President of the Plural Justice Commission of the Public Ministry, Julio Huaraya, did the same by extending the complaint to Longaric.

“We have extended the criminal complaint against those citizens who have suffered corruption in the case of respirators. The full weight of the law must fall against those officials who have dealt with the health of Bolivians,” Huaraya said during a press conference at the Local newspaper ‘La Razón’.

For his part, Montaño, who is part of the joint commission responsible for the investigation, said the decision was motivated after the dismissed health minister Marcelo Navajas mentioned the name of the self-proclaimed president during his interrogation.