The Bolivian Army “suggests” Evo Morales to resign


The head of the Military Command of the Armed Forces of Bolivia, Williams Kaliman, has “suggested” the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, to resign from his position.

“After analyzing the internal conflict situation, we suggest the president of the state to renounce his presidential mandate, allowing the pacification and maintenance of stability for the sake of our bolivia,” Kaliman said at a press conference.

The Bolivian Army “suggests” Evo Morales to resign
The Bolivian Army “suggests” Evo Morales to resign

The text read by Kaliman highlights the “escalation of the conflict that the country is going through” and argues that “ensuring life, the security of the population, the guarantee of the rule of the political Constitution of the state, in accordance with article 20 of the law of the Armed Forces “,” suggest “the resignation of Morales.

Kaliman has also referred to the “Bolivian people and mobilized sectors” to those who urge “to depose attitudes of violence, disorder among brothers, so as not to stain our families with blood, pain and mourning.”

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