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The “Blockchain” technology is expanded through the alliance of Exponentia and Blockchain Work Labs

October 22, 2020

Exponentia, the Valencian digital transformation for automation and process improvement company, has acquired Blockchain Work Labs, a company that promotes technological innovation through blockchain integration to strengthen its technological structure and encourage talent acquisition. This was announced by the digital newspaper El Referente.

The association of Blockchain Work Labs is a strategy of the company Exponentia to offer its customers innovative solutions that integrate disruptive blockchain technology. With this alliance, the company is adding the traceability and immutability that blockchain technology guarantees on its journey to automation and data analysis through artificial intelligence (AI).

“Joining the Blockchain Work Labs team and adding knowledge is a huge step in our growth and commitment to talent acquisition. This agreement solidifies us as one of the benchmarks in digital transformation where we hope to be “leaders”.said Juan García, CEO of Exponentia.

Blockchain Work Labs

The “Blockchain” technology is expanded through the alliance of Exponentia and Blockchain Work Labs
The “Blockchain” technology is expanded through the alliance of Exponentia and Blockchain Work Labs

Blockchain Work Labs stood out for realizing the first issue of tokens in the legal sector in Spaintogether with the Fernando Pombo and the Gómez-Acebo y Pombo Foundation, a project that was nominated as a finalist for the Expansión Legal Awards and the Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe of Financial Time.

Less than a year after its inception, Blockchain Work Labs signed nine contracts to carry out as many blockchain developments as possible. Six of these were awarded to the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and another to the law firm Gómez Acebo Pombo.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia was its cornerstone, Blockchain Work Labs, was born as part of the Vice Rectorate’s Ideas Initiative for Employment and ship in 2017 with the union of three young entrepreneurs.

“The university encourages creativity and entrepreneurship among its emerging technology students through events like the Blockchain Hackathon.”says Juan García, CEO of Blockchain Work Labs.

The main goal of the company is to analyze the company’s processes, identify opportunities for improvement, look for efficient solutions, provide optimal and adapted answers to each of its customers and make the most of blockchain technology.

Their knowledge of developing solutions for this technology enabled them to become business partners of the Spanish company IBM.

Sergi Velasco (CTO) and Juan Besari (CIO) are the founding engineers who complement the Blockchain Work Labs team.

“We have a common vision without which it would be impossible. The three of us strengthened the team, and we chose blockchain because it is the future and empowers all companies. It takes six days to complete a food traceability exercise, and with blockchain technology it only takes a minute. “


The company is responsible for the development of high-quality solutions with the aim of automating processes, optimizing resources and making information based on blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and cloud computing transparent and understandable.

Through the digital transformation, Exponentia applies technological solutions to processes, products and assets in order to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as to increase analytical capacity and thus create the possibility of generating higher operational availability. , better risk management and the ability to create new opportunities to generate higher revenue for businesses.

Some use cases include: ERP, Dashboard, web responsive applications, custom software.

Exponentia has Refden, a proprietary product that was recently launched by the company. It is a proper reference management tool in publications that automatically generates summaries and reports based on the content selected or highlighted by the user.

Blockchain technology is an advantage for businesses as it increases the speed of data transfer, increases transparency about the origin of the information, and creates a more reliable and secure environment that makes that information immutable.