The Blockchain Academy Chile presents an online event schedule

Every Tuesday from 6.30 p.m. EST, the Blockchain Academy Chile (BAC) organizes open webinars, which among other things should publish various projects, applications, use cases and protocols. for technical and non-technical people. According to the Chilean organization, these discussions focus on a technical component, but also on an applied component, ie real use cases.

As part of this modality, projects such as Decred, AVA Labs, RSK, Ethereum and others were already part of the Open Webinars, in which they were able to publish their most important basics and application cases. In addition to lectures on specific projects, presentations are held once a month that focus exclusively on technology and are held by Cristóbal Pereira, CEO of LatAmTech and instructor at the Blockchain Academy Chile.

Pereira comments: “The talks on blockchain should be the gateway to all those enthusiasts who want to learn the basics and basics of technology so that by participating after the talks that focus more on projects, they have the knowledge they need to to understand and participate. ” and clarify your doubts ”.

The Blockchain Academy Chile presents an online event schedule
The Blockchain Academy Chile presents an online event schedule

Ricardo Vázquez, Business Development and Community Lead for Latin America at AVA Labs, added: “At AVA, we want to reach the largest number of Spanish-speaking blockchain developers and enthusiasts. By working with BAC, more people could not only know details of the AVA platform, its code and repositories, but also identify initiatives such as the AVA HUB and the AVA-X acceleration program, which are productive alternatives with which we can be reached Community to build on AVA ”.

Patricio López, CEO of Andes Blockchain and BAC Instructor, said: “Ethereum is an ecosystem for permanent growth and evolution. New trends and applications always appear. The Blockchain Academy Chile is an excellent way to stay up to date with high-level speakers. “

With this in mind, the BAC deepened that it wants to provide not only practical, but also technical content, since the focus of its programs is on developers and entrepreneurs, companies, area managers and everyone who wants to learn Apply this technology to your company or company at.

Every Thursday morning, hands-on workshops take place online at an unspecified time, in which programmers can learn how to program in different protocols and networks from the first steps.

In this way, at BAC, by offering this content for free and in Spanish, they want to expand the developer knowledge base and help increase the number of developers who have the knowledge to develop this technology.

Pereira finally added the reason for the Blockchain Academy Chile and said: “BAC was born with the need to attract more developers to the regional blockchain ecosystem as we can see that the demand for this type of programmer in the region soon will grow and we want The development remains in the region and not that these companies should look for development companies in the USA or in Europe. “

All of the above activities organized by the Blockchain Academy Chile are free. To participate, all you have to do is check their website.

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