The Bitcoin Foundation responds to the use of caution and caution

The Bitakayane Foundation issued an incredibly detailed response to the closure and dispatch of the letter sent by the California Department of Financial Institutions (DFI).According to DFI’s letter, which was sent on May 30, the Bitcoin Foundation was called a licensee, under the law of California, as a money transmitter.”California State DFI was an invitation to say this. I received a good invitation, but we discussed it so that we can discuss the issues and how we think the law agrees,” said Patrick Murang of Bitcoin Foundation, Syndesk .The main issue raised in the feedback sheet is that the foundation does not sellBitcoin or work in California, so it is not under the DFI jurisdiction.”Even if we sell an exchange or sellBitcoin, we have not given it to anyone in California, so there is no regional basis for us to come and see us at first.”The response letter goes further than dealing with these major issues. This is why, according to the law of Café, Bitcoin is not a payment instrument and explains that the foundation does not sell or issue “stored value” and does not get any money for transmission.Morak said the foundation decided to go into this statement so that the business at the place clearly shows what is the transfer of money and what does not.”We believe that direct sale of Bitcoin in California does not constitute infection, and it is an important issue, because many businesses are sitting together because they are afraid that selling only in the afternoon will become money transmitter.”Murck said that he thinks the response letter, which was drafted by a legitimate firm Perkins Coie, would offer further negotiations with the DFI over the next few weeks, and would be expected to have a private opinion

“Everyone wants clear guidelines on digital currencyspace.”

Marc said Bitcoin Foundation is working to set up chapters all over the world, which will helpBitcoincompanies to deal with any legal or regulatoryissues facing their own areas.He thinks the most risky business is the customermoneymarket capitalization (both local fatwa coins and bitcoins) because it is “the highest risk of consumers”.Mort told that attorneys are becoming very popular among Bitcoin and advisedpeople with any concerns about legal advice.”Yesterday, Bitcoin walked in the London conference and created a legal panel that loves people and gets so much attention, but it’s also shameful.”Those who will be front and center on the stage are the entrepreneurs’ building agency, hopefully we can get back to that place.”Response to Bitcoin Foundation by the California DFIA of Zone MatheneseImage credit: Flickr

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