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The big whale moves 101,857 bitcoins to unknown addresses

July 1, 2020

A user moved over a billion dollars in a single transaction and paid less than two reais for the transfer.

So, lately an unknown address that is not assigned to an exchange moves 101.857 BTC.


Although users indicated that the address would be BitGo, the company declined the information.

The big whale moves 101,857 bitcoins to unknown addressesThe big whale moves 101,857 bitcoins to unknown addresses

The transaction has moved the more than 100,000 bitcoins to two other unknown addresses.

However during One address received 5,000 BTC, the other 96,857 BTC.

Therefore, this second address is Bitcoin’s second largest wallet, according to BitInfoCharts.

Therefore, at the time of writing, this article is only behind Huobi’s cold wallet.

Who do these bitcoins belong to?

When the transaction was completed, speculation emerged about the potential owner of the Bitcoin.

Users speculated that it would be Hal Finney’s family, the Winklevoss brothers, and even the PlusToken financial pyramid.

But nobody assumed to be the owner of the bitcoins.

Companies that offer exchange and custody services also have no ownership of bitcoins.

Although the mysterious billionaire remains unknown, blockchain data shows that the portfolio is not old and It was “created” on April 1st of this year. – through a fairly similar multi-million dollar transaction.

43 thousand bitcoins

Recently, an unknown user moved 43935.33116972 bitcoins in another multi-million dollar transaction.

Although the multi-million dollar transaction attracts attention, it is small near a recent transaction.

In the even bigger move, an unknown trader moved more than 132,255 BTC – about $ 1.3 billion – in three transactions every minute.

Experts say the transaction is for Coinbase to move funds into its portfolio portfolio.