The best computers of 2020 for PC games

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The best computers of 2020 for PC games
The best computers of 2020 for PC games

Living in an environment where technology covers much of our space and time, Computers They have become an indispensable tool of our everyday life thanks to the multitude of functions they offer to meet the diverse needs that arose in the post-digital era. The market for this product is full of options for all types of niches: graphic designers, photo and video editors, music producers. One of the categories with the most effective equipment in terms of operation and performance is gaming.

What makes a gaming PC or laptop so special are the components that make it up: Processor, RAM, motherboard, graphics card and graphics card. These elements allow you to play video games with efficient performance and offer a fairly pleasant gaming experience, in some cases even better than on a console. It is not possible to play video games with a “normal” computer, because it does not have the same properties as a game computer and therefore ends with certainty crash.

For the gaming community, buying a computer specializing in video games is a major investment, as the growth in the competitive arena (such as eSports) and the spread of streaming make it likely that the future of gaming will be set on the PC. The number of console players migrating to this platform is increasing.

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Many would think that a gaming computer is only for gaming, and while this is its main function, it is also possible with this device to perform tasks that another type of computer offers. Let us assume that the added value of these machines is, among other things, the possibility to play and surf the Internet, write texts, edit photos and videos.

Players who invest their money in a computer to play video games have two purchase options: you can buy a manufactured computer or assemble your own unit. For some, the second option is preferable because it is usually cheaper because the computer parts are purchased separately and you can choose the one that works best for you. However, others prefer to skip the search for components one by one and buy a factory computer.

The rise of PC gaming

This industry is currently experiencing a high growth rate due to the large number of players who migrate to a PC or simply prefer to buy a computer rather than a game console. For Eduardo Díaz, director of the Mexican Academy for eSports, this phenomenon occurs because the gaming community is increasingly aware of the benefits of a gaming computer.

Owning a gaming PC offers a variety of advantages over game consoles and computers of other categories. The qualities offer greater precision in aspects of the game, such as. B. Performance improvements and more sophisticated graphics for services offered by the same device: a variety of video games, connectivity, social experience, various peripheral options to customize the equipment (keyboards, mice, monitors).

Mexican players have spurred demand for PC and laptop production. In 2019, they dramatically accelerated the growth in the popularity index of this industry. These consumers have continued to search the market for products that continue to meet their needs, so sales of this type of computer continue to grow. (Euromonitor)

Another factor that, according to Eduardo Díaz, has influenced the prosperity of PC games is the competitiveness that exists within the game. Recently the Crossplay in titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. This online mode enables games between players from different platforms (PC – Xbox – Play Station – Nintendo Switch).

This new game mode confirmed speculation that was long discussed in video game forums: PC users have an advantage over any other platform. The reason for this statement is that computer gamers can achieve higher precision and speed with the mouse. On the other hand, the joystick is slower and less precise, which is why the players are disadvantaged.

In search of more competitive competitors, many console gamers switch to PC games. The inspiration of many is the desire to play professionally. Some video games such as Overwatch and League Of Legends have professional esports leagues in which even the players who take part in them can make a living from this activity (apart from creating content for YouTube and Twitch). What could be nicer for a player than to live from what he likes best: video games.

The best computers of 2020 for PC games

There are a variety of brands and models on the PC gaming market. You can check out this list below with some great teams.

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Alienware 15 – 1 2% 2% 2% 2


Acer Predator Triton 500 –ÅMÅŽÕÑcrid=2JR5WH6980QQDchild=1keyword18-18acer+

The eSports scene in Mexico (THIS IS ANOTHER COMPLETE NOTE)

The director of the Mexican Academy for eSports, Eduardo Díaz, spoke about the current situation of sport in the country. In a similar way, he briefly explained the responsibilities of the Academy in the field of video game competitions.

ESports has grown strongly in Mexico since 2014. In the past 6 years, several events, tournaments and leagues have been held by brands such as Telcel, HyperX and Liverpool. Last year, the first eSport arena in Latin America was built in the Artz Pedregal shopping center in Mexico City.

Despite the fact that the electronic sports scene is active in the Mexican Republic, one factor has drastically delayed the development of this discipline in the country. And is that the entire esports industry in Mexico is informal, no organization of this sport is established. The fact that the industry is not formalized means that brands are not interested in investing capital for sponsorship, which complicates the professionalization of players and the entire league itself

Given the problems that exist in structuring this sport, the Mexican Academy of eSports It is responsible for helping the players to become professional, selling themselves with the brands and registering their brands (teams) in order to achieve a legal and tax personality. This training is conducted with the help of teachers and specialists in this area, as contrary to what many people think, eSports are not just gamers and gaming. There is a whole logistics behind this branch, which includes lawyers, psychologists, team coaches and physical trainers.

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus affected the organization of some electronic sports events. One of the most important was the “Game Celebration”, a tournament that normally takes place in the WTC. Other competitions were also affected by the health emergency, but their successes have not been completely canceled due to the possibility of online play.

The rise in popularity in the eSports and PC gaming industry had started before the quarantine started. However, both industries are among the few that have benefited from the longer shutdown, as thousands of players have extended their working hours to play and consume content related to the topic.


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