The best chess player ever supports Bitcoin

Garry Kasparov, the Russian chess master who has taken over the “Deep Blue” supercomputer from IBM, says that Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are the solution to the demand for data protection in the financial markets.

In an interview with the employee of Forbes, Roger Huang, Kasparov said he sees many advantages for cryptocurrencies. According to him They give people more control over their money, which is generally regulated “by the state, by companies or by external groups”.

“The good thing about Bitcoin is that you know exactly the number, the magic number of 21 million,” said the chess master, referring on the maximum supply of Bitcoin (BTC) that is ever mined. “But if you look away, like the Fed, you never know how many trillions of dollars will appear in the market tomorrow that will damage your savings.”

The best chess player ever supports Bitcoin
The best chess player ever supports Bitcoin

Kasparov is president of Human rights foundation, A foundation that uses technology and digital innovations to protect those whose freedoms are threatened. According to him Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are “natural options” to protect against privacy and human rights violations.

“I believe that the growing popularity of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a concept is inevitable as it is a reaction to the change in power of individuals, states or other institutions that can act in our privacy without our consent.” “

Chess and blockchain technology

Cointelegraph reported in June that a chess game between grandmaster Sergey Karjakin and Algorand founder Silivio Micali was recorded on the blockchain.

Like Kasparov, Kajakin showed interest in cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology. According to Micali, Algorand, evidence of the blockchain platform for use, can be used for the further introduction of chess.

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