the bad crypto news of the week

Another good week for Bitcoin last week. The dollar price rose more than 5% to around $ 11,700. This increase did not go smoothly. A sudden fall withdrew $ 1,500 of the price at once, even if Investors remain optimistic and the volatility index VIX, which is based on the SP 500, is “extremely bullish”. Other measures of volatility are, however propose a further drop to $ 10,000 ahead of a new rally, while the Winklevoss twins think that the amount of infrastructure and capital in the crypto markets will do this bull run very differently than 2017.

But not only Bitcoin was in motion. Ethereum hit a two-year high of $ 400. supported by the protocols of decentralized finance (DeFi), the expected arrival of ETH 2.0, and the general rise of the altcoin market.

Meanwhile in the analog world The United States printed more money in June than it did in the first two centuries after it was founded.

the bad crypto news of the week
the bad crypto news of the week

Where there is riches there are thieves and Hackers broke in on a cryptocurrency trading platform in Europe. The thieves stole more than $ 1.3 million from 2gether. The platform has offered to its customers Your own 2GT token as a replacement.

Bitfinex is still trying to track down the hackers who stole more than 120,000 bitcoins in August 2016. The exchange offers a reward of up to USD 400 million and is even ready for it Give the perpetrators 25% of all property recovered.

In terms of this great twitter hack who saw accounts as big as those of Elon Musk, Joe Biden and Bill Gates ask about bitcoins, Authorities have now arrested a 17-year-old in Tampa, Florida. The boy was a trendsetter. Hackers have taken over the major YouTube channels, changed their names to others like SpaceX and Elon Musk, and offered similar bitcoin freebies. Hackers seem to be using it Phishing attacks against large channel owners.

However, Not all violations of the law are bad. Chinese internet users They turned to Blockchain to share a censored news article. The article is over a company that gave babies faulty vaccines.

In Tel Aviv, the exchange is now launching a blockchain-based securities platform. Audius raised $ 3.1 million to support its “SoundCloud on the Blockchain”. The company previously raised $ 5.5 million, but now it has 250,000 users and 40,000 artists.

And after Heath Tarbert, President of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Much of the financial system could soon be using blockchain. You are in a race.

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