The Amazon ‘Dash Cart’ is an intelligent shopping cart that pays for you

The technology will be available in a Los Angeles store later this year.

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The Amazon ‘Dash Cart’ is an intelligent shopping cart that pays for you
The Amazon ‘Dash Cart’ is an intelligent shopping cart that pays for you

The e-commerce company Amazon has developed an intelligent shopping cart that allows you to identify and automatically invoice the products you have selected without having to wait in line to pay.

It gets the name “Dash cart“And looks very similar to any other shopping cart, with the difference that it has a touchscreen, a QR code reader to link to the user’s Amazon account, a barcode reader and a variety of sensors – as if from one of video released by the company.

The way the car is used also appears to be very simple. Simply guide the selected products through the barcode reader and insert them into the dash cart. This shows orange if the product has not been registered correctly.


Fruits and vegetables are calculated in the same way as in a conventional market, ie using a PLU code that the buyer himself has to enter using the touchscreen. Customers can also view the subtotal of their purchase and the list of products they have selected.

To leave the shop, the dash cart only needs to be dragged into a lane with sensors that enable the automatic detection of products. The customer receives his receipt by email.

“The cart uses a combination of computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms to identify the items you put in the cart. When you leave the Amazon Dash Cart track of the store, the sensors automatically identify the shopping cart and your payment is processed using your Amazon account’s credit card, ”says a statement released on Tuesday, July 14, on its website has been published. Network.

On the other hand, the Amazon shopping cart has so far only worked for small and medium-sized purchases and offers space for two bags. Each shopping cart also has a scanner for vouchers from the shop.

“(The Dash Cart) has a ring of cameras, a scale, and image processing and weight sensors that can determine not only the item, but also the quantity of the item,” added Dilip Kumar, vice president of sales for physical and technological products on Amazon The edge.


The intelligent shopping cart is expected to be available later this year at the Amazon supermarket in the US state of Woodland Hills in Los Angeles. It’s worth noting that the only thing that differentiates this supermarket from anyone else is Dash Cart technology, unlike the Amazon Go Store, which uses sensors and cameras to track the movement of people and products.

It is not yet known whether the e-commerce company plans to implement this new technology in its go-stores or in Whole Foods, a traditional supermarket chain that it acquired in 2017. The truth is that Amazon has chosen the best time to introduce a new way of doing shopping that will allow you to avoid lines and hence closeness and contact with other people.

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