The altcoin season indicator changes to bitcoin even if the rally and polygon are skyrocketing

Cryptocurrency Investors Are Confused A key indicator suggests that Bitcoin will soon be back in the limelight, even though subscribers to Cointelegraph Markets Pro have had the chance to make big profits on altcoins like Rallye (RLY), Polygon (MATIC) and Ampleforth (AMPL).

Since the start Markets Pro in January the indicator Altseason analysis has been much inclined to altcoins and indeed The performance of a uniformly weighted basket of the top 100 altcoins has far outperformed Bitcoin’s holdings since Markets Pro began tracking these metrics on Jan. 3.

Hold Bitcoin – 74% profit.

The altcoin season indicator changes to bitcoin even if the rally and polygon are skyrocketing
The altcoin season indicator changes to bitcoin even if the rally and polygon are skyrocketing

Keep top 100 altcoins – 432% profit.

Time-based VORTECS ™ strategy with best performance: 1.843% profit.

VORTECS ™ strategy based on the best score: 1.367% profit.

The old season analysis, prepared by Markets Pro and the data analysis company The tie, works similarly to VORTECS ™ Score, However, add two additional variables including Token press release data and exchange of listing data.

Compare current market conditions with those in the past to see if the market looks more bullish for altcoins or bitcoin over the next 14 days.

The VORTECS ™ score includes sentiment analysis, tweet and trade volume, and price actions as components of the algorithm, which are then weighted according to a proprietary formula based on how similar they are to historical conditions. When these factors are similar, the score is higher when historical precedents have more consistently resulted in higher prices.

Although the Altseason analysis indicator is leaning towards altcoins and Bitcoin’s market dominance has fallen below 50%, the market could be poised to see the biggest surge in cryptocurrency as investors drop and grow large-cap altcoins BTC return.

However, the move to Bitcoin certainly hasn’t stopped investors from looking for altcoins for quick profits.

Polygon analysis (MATIC)

As seen in the graphic below, it was on April 22nd Polygon’s price was still bottoming out between $ 0.30 and $ 0.40 when the VORTECS ™ algorithm momentarily recognized a favorable historical pattern and assigned the asset a VORTECS ™ value of 81 (first red circle).

Nothing would happen for the next three days as general market conditions remained neutral. In the end, At the beginning of April 26, MATIC’s favorable individual disposition merged with the general market reversal and triggered a reputation of 0.35 to 0.83 USD (first and second red box).

When the rally started, the VORTECS ™ algorithm recorded a long stretch with extremely high scores (up to 97). This suggests that following historical precedents, the momentum would not end anytime soon.

Detailed analysis (AMPL)

This week’s Top-NewsQuake ™ is an unusual case: The announcement of the inclusion of a token resulted in an increase in the price of another token by more than 33%.

The announcement in question was the news that Binance listed FORTH, the Ampleforth ecosystem governance token that is not yet captured in Markets Pro. The main benefit of the dual token system is tracked: AMPL;; This is the one where the price has gone up a third because of the news.

As we can see in the graphic below, Markets Pro subscribers received the news of the listing from FORTH through a dedicated Discord channel and notifications in the browser just before the price went up.

NewsQuakes ™ are based on a real-time aggregation engine that is collected every minute from over a thousand primary sources and analyzed by an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine the historical meaning of the news. NewsQuakes ™ are trained in staking out announcements, listing on major exchanges, and partnerships. Because they are delivered without human intervention, they can often be the quickest way for market participants to find out about important events in the market. Cryptocurrencies.

Rally Analysis (RLY)

Another notable example of a contemporary NewsQuake ™ was the price action from Rally (RLY). On April 29th, its price rose with the news that the token would arrive in Bithumb, A message that was delivered to Markets Pro subscribers on time (first red circle in the graphic).

It’s worth noting that the same ad contained this as well OCEAN Y. CHZ would hit the stock market too, but it didn’t affect the prices of those assets that much.

Listing announcements can have different effects on coin valuation depending on the size of the exchange and the market capitalization of the asset. This is another variable to consider in trading strategies based on NewsQuake ™.

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