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The ‘Aita Mari’ disembark ​​aacute; 78 migrants in the Italian city of Pozallo, in Sicily

November 25, 2019

The humanitarian rescue ship 'Aita Mari' of the NGO Humanitarian Maritime Rescue (SMH) – SMH – Archive


The 'Aita Mari', the rescue ship of the Basque NGO Maritime Humanitarian Rescue, will be able to disembark the 78 migrants who rescued last Thursday in the Mediterranean after the Italian authorities offered the island's port late this Sunday port of Pozallo, on the island of Sicily.

The ‘Aita Mari’ disembark  ​​aacute; 78 migrants in the Italian city of Pozallo, in Sicily
The ‘Aita Mari’ disembark ​​aacute; 78 migrants in the Italian city of Pozallo, in Sicily

“Ponzallo is assigned so that the 78 people aboard the 'Aita Mari' can disembark,” the NGO confirmed in a message spread through its Twitter social network account.

The organization, which has indicated that due to “bad sea conditions” must wait “to access the port”, had already warned at noon that both its rescue ship and the 'Open Arms' – with 73 migrants to board– they were exposed to a strong storm in front of the Sicilian coasts.

In a statement, the NGO explained that the 'Aita Mari' is “about seven hours from the Sicilian port”, but notes that the ship is located in front of other enclaves such as Augusta, where “navigation would not involve so much wear for the shipwrecked people. ”

“Italy's decision ends with the suffering of rescued people. They had been waiting for a safe place to step on land since Thursday,” the text said.

The NGO has reported that among the people rescued by the 'Aita Mari' there are thirteen minors and six women, in addition to a seven-month pregnant woman under the supervision of a medical team that has already had to attend several cases of crisis of anxiety.

The ship, which in the past was a former fishing vessel, spent four days last week patrolling the Maltese search and rescue area due to the restrictions that the Government of Spain applies to this ship and the 'Open Arms'.

However, this same Sunday the Italian Government has in turn offered a safe port to the 'Open Arms', whose situation is “critical” due to the state of health of the rescued people and the strong weather. The Catalan ship is in the same situation: pending weather conditions to approach land.

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