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The access of new users to Airtm from Venezuela will be “stricter” according to the platform

September 4, 2020

The fintech company Airtm announced through a statement to its customers that some changes will be implemented in its platform, including better control over access for new users from Venezuela.

According to Airtm Every user from the Latin American country must ‘verified” To be able to operate within the platform through banking transactions, a requirement that was previously not necessary for users within the oil nation.

The changes appear to be part of a company policy to address the demand they might face after being selected as the platform to manage the $ 300 USD voucher that doctors in the country have received. issued by the national parliament as part of the campaign “Heroes of Health ”.

The access of new users to Airtm from Venezuela will be “stricter” according to the platformThe access of new users to Airtm from Venezuela will be “stricter” according to the platform

The statement suggests that demand from Venezuela will therefore increase. “We have prepared a number of useful lessons for you to complete. “says the platform, alluding to the potentially high number of withdrawals in the South American country for the above bonus.

In the same way, the platform points out that the measures will be effective until further notice and result from the significant increase in the number of transactions in Airtm, which aims to save transaction times in order management and a higher margin of profit for the so-called ‘ATMsPeople who manage deposit and withdrawal orders within the platform.

The previous measure joins another announced by the Venezuelan Residents Platform: Airtm ATMs will no longer be activated for the Banco Pagomóvil payment method in the country.

The reasons the company gives is because this move will allow greater control over “who can transact and thus make the platform more secure for the user network”.

In accordance with the above, The company advises that this move will enable a higher profit margin for ATMs as it enables them to conduct more withdrawal transactions and a “Spread enough to use another platform to complete the cycle on cryptocurrencies“As can be read in the declaration.

The platform also notes that they have upgraded their technology to ensure that sudden spikes in traffic will not affect the stability of their well as avoiding the use of keywords relating to your domain or foreign currencies in the payment concept of your bank account in order to improve the privacy of business operations.

The foregoing is in line with the supervisory measures recently taken by the government of Nicolás Maduro against users with bank accounts in the country that are used within the fintech platform and which has taken legal action against them in Venezuela. .

Given the public censorship against the platform in the Latin American country, Airtm points out in its statement that they have prepared a series of lessons for the Venezuelan public to help them manage their withdrawalsas well as a webinar specially developed for these cases on September 8th.

In addition, the team behind Airtm has prepared a number of guides that point to the blockade from Venezuela. These include everything from a tutorial on how to manually change the VPN to the most important information on how to access the TunnelBear application for free for residents of the Caribbean country to support the free internet without censorship, contrary to the restrictions and blocking of your domain.

According to the announcement, TunnelBear joined the initiative to support all health workers in Venezuela who receive a special bonus through Airtm.

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