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The 8 products you need to open your office again

July 13, 2020

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The only way to resume workplace activities is to follow the instructions Hygiene measures recommended by experts. Here is a list of the eight consumables you can use to ensure cleanliness and safety in the office.

The 8 products you need to open your office again
The 8 products you need to open your office again

He Return to the offices in Mexico City This will happen in August according to a reopening plan implemented by the state government. However, a survey by Tandem, a company dedicated to the sale of cleaning and disinfection products, shows that only 22 percent of employers have a defined plan to return to the office.

According to a survey by Tandem, a product platform for workplaces, 58 percent of employees want to be able to resume their work personally, but fear this. To date, Mexico has recorded more than 35,000 deaths, with the country’s capital focusing on most infections.

The return to the “new normal” will pose many challenges for companies in all industries, including implementing safety measures to maintain the health of their employees, which must prepare weeks in advance for the proper use of the equipment. Protection provided for them.

Therefore, Tandem recommends that companies use eight inputs that companies should consider to create a safer environment for all employees in their facilities.

1. Gel alcohol dispenser


Alcohol gel with a concentration of 70% is essential and its use is mandatory for all employees. Otherwise you will not be able to access your office. The right way to use the antibacterial gel is to rub it on your hands for at least a minute and then let it dry yourself.

The dispensers must also be operated with sensors to completely avoid personal contact with the furniture.

2. Disinfectant wipes


Disinfectant wipes are ideal to ensure that some surfaces are free from germs and bacteria, especially those where contact is inevitable. such as cell phones, electronic tablets, keyboards, documents and desks. According to studies by the University of Arizona, phone touchscreens can concentrate up to ten times more bacteria than a toilet.

The high demand for this product has led to a shortage. However, just pouring a cup of ethyl alcohol or a tablespoon of bleach into the packaging of baby wipes is enough to make disinfectants.

3. Mandatory face protection


As expected, the use of face masks must be mandatory and without exception for all employees. According to the activities carried out, each company is free to choose which face protection equipment is best suited for its staff. For companies where the customer is in frequent contact, for example, we recommend the use of a face shield, a mouthpiece and safety glasses that can cover the entire circumference of the eye.

4. Infrared thermometer


Contrary to an assumption that has grown in popularity in recent months, infrared thermometers do not kill neurons and are very helpful in measuring people’s temperatures remotely before gaining access to facilities.

5. Non-contact trash can and dispenser


Conventional trash cans with lids must be replaced with containers that can be opened with a foot pedal. It is recommended to replace the water and tea dispenser with one that is operated via sensors in order to avoid hand contact with all possible furniture.

So far, all the basic services that every company should need to ensure the renovation of their workplace have already been mentioned. However, for those on a larger budget, it is recommended to also use the following:

6. Portable air purifier


The cleaners have filters that allow the reduction of bacteria in the environment, unlike conventional fans, which only increase the airflow in the room but do not remove germs or infectious particles, which increases the risk of contraction COVID-19 or other diseases .

7. Screens and cabins


The invisible barrier to a healthy distance (one and a half meters) is of paramount importance to ensure the health of employees and between employees and customers. However, the implementation of physical barriers made of easy-to-clean materials such as glass, plastic, plexiglass and acrylic is ideal for those who maintain frequent contact with the customer and between each employee’s cabin.

8. Disinfect mats


These carpets are made of materials such as plush and vinyl and are soaked in disinfectant solutions that can be used to remove viruses from the sole of your shoe. Use is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended at the entrances to the facilities.

In the end, every company is obliged to purchase the sanitary facilities and take the appropriate measures to ensure the health of its staff and its customers. However, all employees must work together to ensure security in the facility.