The 7 things you should NEVER say when selling

There are phrases that can cost you the transaction, as they show your distrust of the product or service. Do not use them!

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

Disagreements come in more ways than just saying “no,” and if you disagree with someone, you'll never close a sale .

The 7 things you should NEVER say when selling
The 7 things you should NEVER say when selling

Agreements are the most vital and ironically violated elements of a sale . I am not saying that you should lie to the client. It is an art to tell the consumer “I would love to help you” instead of “It's not my job” or “I can't do it.”

Here, seven things you should never say when selling or doing business.

1. “It's not my department”

You always have to take the responsibilities that correspond to you, in sales and in your personal life. Do not blame the bad economy, other people or external conditions, as throwing blame makes you a slave.

Great people know how to accept their responsibilities and focus on their ability to achieve pending work. If you have the courage to accept credit when you win, be big enough to accept when you lose.

2. “You can trust me”

Have you ever noticed that a customer is not really listening to you? This happens because the alleged consumer believes that you are a seller that cannot be trusted. News of fraud and corruption is heard every day that makes people skeptical. This loss of credibility added to the almost natural distrust of the consumer will cost you sales.

Saying “trust me” to a prospect really won't help you build trust and may have the opposite effect. Remember that people trust what they see, not what they hear.

Always, always show necessary documentation to support your proposals. Make sure you have several sources that support your posture to give your words more credibility. And you must write everything you say, offer, propose, promise, suggest and mention during your presentation.

3. “I do not use it”

No one will believe the value of a product or service until you have tried it first. If you work in a car sales establishment and do not drive the vehicles you promote, you lose credibility. Nobody buys someone who mistrusts.

Conviction can build or destroy your proposal and a sale is achieved when you truly believe in the value of what you are offering. The moment you show doubts is when the sale is impossible.

You have to be 100 percent sure of how the product or service works in order to maximize your sales opportunities. How do you expect to sell something that you wouldn't buy yourself?

4. “It's company policy”

Nobody wants to hear this, ever. Nobody is interested in company policy; Everyone cares that the product or service works, so don't use this phrase to justify why you can't or don't want to do something for the customer.

If you have a policy that conflicts with consumer service, break it and generate the necessary solution.

5. “We are competitive”

The idea that competition is healthy is for consumers, not sellers. Do not compete, dominate.

When he wanted to sell cell phones, most people at Apple told him it was better to concentrate on the iPod. Today, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the planet. This is how you stand out: you need to master your field. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other tools to be the first thing people think about when they look for your product or service.

6. “You can get out of the price you can pay”

Always treat the buyer as a buyer, never prejudge the consumer's ability to complete a purchase.

It doesn't matter if the prospect tells you that he has a limited budget or tells you that he has no money, he always treats people as if they were really closing the deal.

7. “It's my day off”

You should always be open to doing business. Have you ever received a message from a recorder when you want to contact someone? It is very impersonal and annoying. Never advertise that you are not closed to receive sales opportunities.

How to do it? Schedule Twitter and Facebook posts while you're with your family and don't turn off your cell phone unless it's an emergency.

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