The 7 inevitable stages of pain before success

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The success It is an escalation. It is a journey. It’s built for life and with undulating and unpredictable ups and downs. It is always based on risk, change and personal development. Travel teaches you how to deal with mistakes. Learn to get up anyway and get closer to your dreams. Many start their journey smoothly, but success rarely, if ever, achieves this type of path completely. If you want to reap triumphs, you must have the ability to do it recover.

The 7 inevitable stages of pain before success
The 7 inevitable stages of pain before success

I will give you the seven phases of pain that you have to go through before you reach your goals.

1. You will feel pain

Every successful person takes a painful path. Suffering is an essential and essential part of any real search for success. Nothing in fame is easy, but any painful story has the potential to have a triumphant ending. You can also accept Leiden as a travel companion instead of opposing it and fighting more. See each day as a journey blessed with new ways to start from your location. Uncertainty and stress are inevitable. Both urge you to make adjustments to mitigate the impact and lead you to greater success. A little stress can drive you in a positive direction.

2. You want to give up early

As you continue on your entrepreneurial path, you will experience intense moments of hopelessness. During these times, you need to hold onto your vision and regain control of your motivation. You have to mentally prepare to fight that little voice in your head that becomes a force to overcome when you have to work hard to keep going when you don’t feel like it. The fastest way to derail your dreams is to give up when things look grim. Successful people hold out and stand up.

3. You will lose relationships

If you are successful, there will be a handful of people unwilling to support you. Success requires an enormous amount of effort and willingness to make sacrifices. The work and time you need for your trip is unbearable for those who think you should devote more time, effort or energy to them. You are likely to lose touch with those who are not passionate about sharing your vision. If you are successful, your path will narrow. There are fewer people at the top.

4. People will discourage you

It is well known that you should keep your dreams close to your chest because if you share them, they can be stolen or belittled. The human mind is programmed to believe in the negative. These thoughts are extremely contagious and if you choose the difficult path, you have to face an audience full of little people trying to scare and discourage you. These are the people who want to scare you so much that you wince. You must become immune to these influences when you start your search for success. Work in silence and let your success be the way to speak.

5. You are hated for no reason

The reality is that people don’t like other successful people. There is jealousy when you are different, stand out and humbly pursue your dreams. Little people hate those who have or do everything they lack. Dealing with jealousy can be difficult, especially if you want to maintain relationships with certain people or if they are an important part of your life. You may have to let them go. In reality, there will always be a certain percentage of people you don’t “like” no matter who you are or what you do. Use these people and experiences as strength training and as a reason to strengthen your strength. Success is always the best revenge. Learn how to let your enemies age you.

6. You will doubt yourself

Nine out of ten cases in which you start a new business make you feel completely paralyzed. It is because you doubt yourself. Sometimes you can doubt your knowledge, your choices, and your instincts. All of these doubts lead to an internal conflict about what you need to do to get ahead. You hesitate because you don’t make the wrong decisions and you want to make an irretrievable mistake in the end. Please note that there are no unrecoverable errors, only new addresses. You must overcome your doubts and not allow them to be delayed. Together, doubt and delay affect success. Trust on your trip that there is no mistake. The only wrong option is not to make a choice and to be paralyzed. You will probably always feel a certain amount of doubt, but you can choose not to doubt your decision to stretch and grow. Doubt is an inevitable part of success. It is important that you act anyway.

7. You will fail

Risk taking is at the heart of any search for success. You have to jump into the void of the unknown and see what happens. When you strive for success, you are always faced with decisions that involve risks. Uncertainty is inherently terrifying. You can lose your savings or your reputation. You risk criticism and humiliation. You may need to pick up the parts and start over again. On every road to success, give up on what you know, what it could be. Hope is your drug. The rewards can be very good, but they can also be expensive. You will fail and have to get up. Any risk that went wrong is really a risk that went right because it takes you in a new direction to start a new adventure. Failure helps promote the resilience you need to succeed in the long run.

Bonus: Everything will be worth it

To achieve something, you need to think positively about what you are doing. You have to believe that you will be successful and you have to trust the process. When the right thoughts and actions are combined, there is nothing you cannot achieve. With the right idea, attitude and right thoughts, a fight is really just another essential part of your success.

If you fall in love with a great idea, fate will make you follow this path. Your vision can affect the world, but you really have to want it. The vision is the price, not the money or the bottom line. You’re really here for that, aren’t you? Influence, make a difference. You can only see your meaning by the impact you have on others.

When you see that your success improves and has a positive impact on the lives of others, you know that everything has paid off. I don’t think “goal” is a place. I think fate is a feeling. It is the experience of deeply moving others, helping and contributing to the world as a whole. This kind of fate makes the struggle we encounter along the way worthwhile.

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