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The 7 healthy habits you should have if you want to maximize your productivity

January 30, 2020

How can you make your day efficient without time demands crush you? We give you some keys.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

s often have incredibly busy agendas to cover the most work in their journeys. They always have something to do or an earring to attend.

The 7 healthy habits you should have if you want to maximize your productivityThe 7 healthy habits you should have if you want to maximize your productivity

There are some tricks that I have learned over the years that have helped me manage my earrings successfully. Not every day can work with a pre-established routine, but if you commit to follow some steps daily, you can have a better time management.

I leave you seven steps that will help you keep an agenda as the most productive entrepreneur.

1. Start your day last night
Over the years I have discovered that going to bed with an established routine helps me start the next day with all the optimized systems.

Start by knowing what you have on the agenda for the next morning. Review the appointments, calls or meetings you have scheduled and analyze any delivery date you have pending. This will start the day prepared for what awaits you.

Then, leave everything you are going to use ready in the morning: prepared bag or backpack, lunch, gym bag, clothes, and so on. Make sure everything you need is ready for you to take and leave home.

Finally, get ready for a good night. Turn off your electronic devices and any light source that can interrupt your sleep.

2. First of all: MOVE
Exercising right after getting up causes your blood to flow and boosts the connection of the brain synapse. Go to the gym or walk your dog for 30 minutes. Believe me, fresh air and movement will put your brain in the right attitude to start the day. You will have more energy and a clearer mind when you finish.

3. Train your brain
Meditation is essential to have a productive day. It only takes 10-20 minutes in the morning to get into the right state of mind to face a day of heavy work. Dozens of studies have proven that meditation is a great tool for managing stress and improving fluency of mind.

There are even applications like that can help you achieve the mental state you want.

4. Get organized
If you are not a person organized by nature, there are apps that have come to your rescue. Tools like, and will help you manage your agenda.

5. Remember to eat
Your body and your mind need fuel to function well. Do not forget that food must be an intrinsic part of your daily routine. Sounds very obvious, but many entrepreneurs sacrifice their meal hours so they can work harder. Do not fall into this trap. Prepare healthy snacks and eat healthy foods that fill you with energy.

6. Divide your time
Accommodating your schedules in batches is one of the most efficient ways to be productive continuously. Spend an hour or two on a strong task like thinking and developing new ideas. That way you won't get distracted when you have to concentrate on more practical slopes.

7. Disconnect from work
Finally, but not least, you must learn to leave work once you have finished your workday. This may be a little less important when you are young and single, but it becomes crucial when you have a partner or family. Your time away from work helps you give 100% when you return to it, so don't forget to give the necessary attention to your loved ones.

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