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The 7 habits that super successful people have

October 17, 2020

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Do you remember the moment you started caring about self improvement?

The 7 habits that super successful people have
The 7 habits that super successful people have

I do. He was seven years old and loved basketball. My mother gave me the book “Rare air”, The Autobiography of Michael Jordan. In this book, this athlete told the stories that inspired him, the emotions he had, how he dealt with mistakes, the price he paid for success, and how he discovered his passion.

When I finished reading the book, I was really excited to improve. I felt my childhood hero was with me and taught myself the importance of fighting to be the best version of myself.

I read a page from the book every morning before going to school to motivate myself.

When I was done with this work, I continued with titles like “Rich father poor fatherAnd as I made motivation a part of my daily ritual, my self-esteem, confidence, and passion soared.

I wanted to be like the high impact people you hear so much about, so I got up early, set my goals for the day, and learned all I could in 24 hours. I didn’t know then, but these habits later helped me build a career on radio, sign great deals, meet my idols, and even make it onto the front pages of some trade magazines.

I fell so in love with the idea of ​​growing as an individual that over the past four years I’ve interviewed hundreds of celebrities, writers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and billionaires to find out what makes them different from “normal” people.

What I found is that 90 percent of these people attribute their success to their habits. These are the seven attitudes that will help you be at the top of your game:

Habit 1: Write a to-do list the night before
Super successful people know what their plan of action is for the next day even before they go to dinner so that they are mentally prepared for the day. Basically, a priority list is the key to success.

Action Plan: Start your to-do list with the most urgent ones, so item number one of the count is the first thing you do that day.

Habit 2: Mind, Body and Spirit
Ninety percent of over-successful people do some form of exercise or health-oriented activity at some point during the day. Meditation seems to be particularly popular.

I spoke to Deepak Chopra a few days ago and he told me that meditation is important because it increases the rest that the body normally gets from sleeping alone and is up to two times more effective than napping.

Action Plan: Here are some common practices you can use.

  • 05 – 10 minutes – breathing exercises.
  • 15-20 minutes – meditation
  • Eat healthy for 20-30 minutes.
  • 20-60 minutes – exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, yoga, etc.

Habit 3: Setting Goals
The vast majority of the people I interviewed have a habit of writing down their goals, plans, or visions for future success. They usually use it early in the morning to set their intentions and mentally prepare for obstacles that arise.

Billionaire entrepreneur Grant Cardone even writes down goals several times a day to stay focused throughout the day.

Action Plan: Deepak Chopra assured me that in setting the daily goals it is necessary to achieve more than possible, measure any progress, make agreements with your team, record your achievements and set time limits.

Habit 4: Gratitude and Determination
Being grateful and focusing on the positive is a common priority among super successful people. Neuroscientist Joe Dispenza assured me that thoughts are the language of the brain while emotions speak for the body. So it is important to really believe what is being said.

A person can generate great power when he tells himself that he is wonderful and can really believe it.

Action Plan: Practice gratitude with loved ones. The trick is knowing how to justify why you’re grateful. So a correct way would be to say, “I am grateful to have you in my life because you always support me and encourage me to follow my dreams no matter what.” This will remind you that there is a deep feeling within you.

Habit 5: learn
Successful people are always trying to learn new skills, read guides or listen to podcasts and take informational courses.

Action Plan: There is always room to learn something new. Reading 20 pages a day or listening to an hour of an audio program equates to about 36 books a year.

Habit 6: Generate Leads
Effective people know that often it doesn’t matter what you know, but who you know. This is why they have a habit of looking for opportunities to collaborate with people in their industry, attend social events, keep their word and network in general.

Action plan: Try to meet at least one new person or contact someone you know every day.

Habit 7: together
After all, these people whom we want to imitate usually hold at least one weekly meeting to analyze what they have developed in their company.

Action Plan: Find someone you trust who can tell you where to succeed and where to fail and meet once a week. This will help you get motivated to improve as you need to be “accountable” to someone.

As you can see, there isn’t a single habit that will make you an extremely successful person, but you can start by generating three habits to change your perspective.

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