The 7 dietary sins of the modern entrepreneur

Debby Braun, a food engineer, explains what are the worst nutritional habits of entrepreneurs and the best way to counteract them.

Like the busy people we are, we have a routine that we repeat day after day: we get up, run to work, check emails, run to the meeting, answer more emails and run again to another meeting. Immersed in the daily hustle and bustle, we usually forget something fundamental: our health.

Eat calmly? Prepare something nutritious? Bah: We have more important things to do, so we settle for biting our sandwich while typing on our desk. But is that really the best we can do? Could we adopt eating habits that make us feel much better inside and outside the office?

The 7 dietary sins of the modern entrepreneur
The 7 dietary sins of the modern entrepreneur

We talked with Debby Braun, a food engineer graduated from UAM and spokeswoman for Canola Info , about the worst nutritional habits and the best way to counteract them. If you want to get the energy you need to lead a project, put them into practice once and for all!

Spend hours without eating

It has surely happened to you: you are so busy that, when you realize, you have not eaten for 6 hours. Then it is time for food and you ingest anything that is put in front of you. According to Braun, this is one of the worst habits a person can develop. “To maintain a constant blood glucose level – and feel energized – it is crucial that we make at least three strong meals a day and two snacks. They should not spend more than 4 hours between each meal. ” Otherwise, we could suffer significant “dips” of energy. As if that were not enough, eating a few times a day slows our metabolism and can lead to being overweight.

Eat breakfast early and, at noon, include a snack of carbohydrates in your diet. Exchange the cookies and the birthday cake for a whole wheat sandwich with fresh cheese, nuts, almonds, blueberries, a fruit or a natural yogurt. Try to schedule your meals at fixed times.

Eat too large portions

“Serve me more of that, please.” Does this phrase sound familiar?

It is logical: we spend so much time without trying a single bite that when we do we ask for a double portion. And we eat so much that at the end we feel to burst and all we want is to go to sleep in the car (yes, the sadly famous evil of the pig). “We Mexicans are used to eating very large amounts of protein and carbohydrates, and it is important that we learn to measure our portions,” shares the expert.

Braun recommends eating 120 grams – proportional to the palm of your hand – of lean meat (without fat), chicken without skin or fish, the same as whole grains, whole wheat bread or complex carbohydrates – such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or tortillas – and vegetables – the more varied their colors, the better.


At 12, you get an uncontrollable craving for a bag of chips and, like a zombie, you get up to the little machine to stock up on junk food. This in itself is bad once, but can you imagine the effect of doing it every day? In addition to considerably raising your likelihood of being overweight, this bad habit detracts energy and affects your lucidity of mind.

“Replace the cookies or chips with two snacks, one at noon and another a couple of hours after eating. If you want something sweet, opt for a fist of roasted almonds with blueberries or a fruit, preferably seasonal and containing fiber, such as mango or papaya. This will give you a feeling of satiety that will last for quite some time, ”shares Braun.

Always eat the same

Many successful entrepreneurs claim that having a routine for “trivialities” allows them to free attention and dedicate it to “more important things.” Mark Zuckerberg always wears the same sweatshirt, and Leo Widrich, a young owner of a social media company, always eats the same. But how healthy is this?

According to the nutritionist, eating varied is much more than a whim: it is a way of making sure we are getting the right nutrients. “The more variety of color there is on your plate, the greater the variety of vitamins and minerals you will be ingesting,” he explains. Try to mix green, red, dark and orange vegetables. Also, include in your diet good quality proteins , such as salmon, tuna and sardines, fat-free meats, such as beef fillet or tampiqueña, skinless chicken breast and turkey meat. He prefers fresh cheeses – such as cottage, panela, basket and cottage cheese over semi-ripe or ripened ones. These small changes will make a big difference in your health and your mood.

Skipping breakfast

The vast majority of busy people skip breakfast, and this has serious health consequences. In addition to predisposing to gain weight, jumping this meal increases the chances of having a heart attack, feeling tired during the day or suffering from gastritis.

The ideal breakfast? A serving of fruit and a complex carbohydrate, such as whole grain cereal or oatmeal. Another option, adds the expert, is to prepare a green juice with orange, grapefruit and some vegetables with fiber, such as celery, and without adding refined sugar. “This will give us long-acting energy, in addition to a feeling of satiety that will prevent us from eating whatever junk we meet along the way.”

Eat heavy

If your meals usually include very large portions and fried foods, chances are that after eating, you're dying of sleep. If a person must consume 2,000 kilocalories daily, the ideal is to learn to distribute them throughout the day : 15 to 20 percent at breakfast; 10 to 15 percent at snacks, 35 at lunch, 10 to 15 at the other snack and the remaining 15 to 20 percent at dinner.

“If only in our food we eat 50 to 60 percent of the daily contribution of kilocalories, it is logical that the body will require much more energy to metabolize it, and instead of feeling satisfied and active, we will have a feeling of heaviness,” says the expert .

Eat fried foods

Surely you've heard it until you get tired: eating fried foods is often one of the worst habits you could develop. However, although there is talk of how harmful this is everywhere, the first cause of death in Mexico is still cardiovascular disease , followed by diabetes – both conditions related to poor eating habits.

Replace animal fats with healthy ones. It's simpler than you think: “Instead of eating fried quesadillas, ask for them at the comal. Ask for your grilled breast without butter, or cook it with canola oil (olive oil is healthy when it is raw, but when cooked it loses its properties). ” Every day avoid eating bacon, fatty cuts of meat, sausages (which are also saturated with salt) and prefers almonds, peanuts, avocado, olive oil or canola … These fats protect your heart instead of saturating it of cholesterol

Now, are you ready to redeem yourself from food sins and become a healthy entrepreneur?

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