The 6 ant expenses you can avoid to save

Although 66% of adults received savings education, only 44% do so formally in a bank account.

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Saving is not a habit that Mexicans have in mind, seven out of 10 are afflicted by their financial problems, according to data from the National Survey of Financial Inclusion , and not having an economic receipt makes it difficult to face debts.

The 6 ant expenses you can avoid to save
The 6 ant expenses you can avoid to save

Although 66% of adults received savings education, according to the survey, only 44% formally save in a savings account. Of those who do not save, half said not to do so because their income is not enough for this.

However, saving is not an impossible task. It is a habit of thinking twice before making a purchase, wondering if a purchase is really necessary can result in saving money and problems in the future.

If you are trying to encourage the habit of saving, Kueski set out to consult with specialists, six simple tips to improve your financial behavior and learn to manage your money more efficiently.

1. Transportation

High fuel prices, hand in hand with heavy traffic in some cities, make it expensive to use the car to move. This can be made even more expensive if you count holding or verification payments in addition to parking and meter expenses. It is recommended to use the various public transport systems in the area, taking the bike out from time to time or even sharing a car to your destination can be both economically and ecologically efficient options.

2. Eat out

Preparing your own food saves more than 50% than paying for it in a restaurant. Try to spend time in your day or week preparing food, and thus avoid overpaying on this necessary item.

3. Impulsive purchases

Avoiding buying that you don't need is one of the basic points of saving. Many times money goes into objects that momentarily attract attention.

If necessary, you can keep a daily record of all your expenses during the day, no matter how insignificant they may seem. At the end of the week add them up and you will realize that the money that goes into non-essential expenses is to be considered.

4. Unnecessary services

Seek to cut expenses you don't use such as cable, video or music streaming services, as well as phone service if you don't use it. Sometimes it becomes a habit to pay for certain services without questioning their practical use at home, but this can be expensive. Remember to constantly check if you are taking advantage of the services you have contracted.

5. Night outings

How many times have you not destroyed your fortnight in one night? Bars or clubs are not so cheap and are spaces prone to spending more than expected. Think that you can find ways in which having fun does not mean spending, and if you still decide to go out, make a budget for that night and try not to spend an extra peso.

6. Cravings

If you made a list of how much you spend on each thing you want, you could get a good scare, and this is considered one of the biggest ant expenses we incur. Do not forget that it is always necessary to treat yourself like a morning coffee or a bag of fries, but making it a habit is not healthy for your wallet and of course for your health.

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