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The 5 new consumer needs according to Google

September 21, 2020

A survey conducted by the technology company identified 5 common consumer behaviors that can affect retailer performance.

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The 5 new consumer needs according to Google
The 5 new consumer needs according to Google

This has been a year of radical and unexpected changes that are also reflected in the behavior of retail consumers. Many retailers, including Liverpool, Best Buy, The Home Depot and Nuuly (Urban Outfitters), are relying more than ever on Google Cloud technology to address these challenges.

It is therefore important for entrepreneurs to determine how buying habits, loyalty and consumer sentiment have changed in recent months. A survey conducted by Google found 5 general consumer behaviors that can affect retailer performance.

In Mexico, in the first days of May, 48% of consumers said that they shop online or combine their online purchases with the purchase of products in physical form. Photo:

  • E-commerce is growing the fastest in the US and not far behind in Mexico: the transition to e-commerce accelerated the fastest in 2020. In May it was up 70% from the same month last year and had reached $ 82.5 billion in the United States. In Mexico, 48% of Mexicans reported shopping online or combining their online purchases with physical products in the first few days of the same month. This comes from a study commissioned by Ipsos Google.

  • Now the supermarket goes online: This change affected the retail segments that had previously lagged behind when migrating to the digital world, such as supermarkets. In the first week of March, only 11% of American adults said they bought groceries online. By the end of the month that number had risen to 37%. This effect is also noticeable in Mexico. According to the Ipsos survey, 62% of Mexicans said they will continue to use grocery delivery services at home for the next 6 months, as they do today.

  • Abandon established shopping habits: In addition to the surge in online grocery shopping, one in four American shoppers surveyed went online to buy something they would normally buy in-store. In Mexico, the restriction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic caused one in three consumers to drastically change the way they shop, according to Ipsos. While the same survey shows that one in three Mexicans said they will continue to shop online so as not to go to physical stores.

  • Discovering New Shopping Services: Before the pandemic, many shoppers believed that visiting a store was the fastest, easiest way to get what they need. That changed when lockdown measures were put in place. With that in mind, 53% of customers in the United States said they tried a new shopping service. In Mexico, 38% of consumers said they made purchases from online stores that they had not used prior to COVID-19.

  • Pickup is becoming a necessity: searches for “takeaway pickup” increased 100% in March, while searches for “home delivery” in Google survey increased by 70% and more than 50% of US consumers. He believes that this type of product purchase will also be relevant when the stores reopen. In the same vein, according to Ipsos, 38% of Mexicans said they will continue to use the in-store pickup option as they do now for the coming months.

In view of changing consumer habits, digitization is becoming increasingly important in retail as more and more consumers use digital channels and expect a simple, omnichannel and smooth shopping experience. A trend that has been growing even faster recently due to the contingency of COVID-19.

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