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The 5 habits that (believe it or not) make you a lousy leader

September 20, 2020

These attitudes separate you from your employees and undermine your leadership skills. We’ll tell you how to identify them.

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The 5 habits that (believe it or not) make you a lousy leader
The 5 habits that (believe it or not) make you a lousy leader

It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a supervisor or a director of a team in your company. Your leadership skills determine your professional success or failure. As a leader, you can set a course of action to achieve a goal and inspire a team to work hard toward a goal. However, if you fail, you can influence the direction of all your subordinates.

It is very common for bad habits to interfere with leadership. We fall victim to routine and stop being exceptional. These are the worst attitudes that will affect your leadership skills.

1. You isolate yourself
There are many ways to distance yourself from others if you are leaderand none of them are good. You can physically separate yourself by choosing a separate office for your team. mentally by working on different projects and emotionally by being aloof.

In any case, isolating yourself does two types of harm. First, it creates resentment. When you distance yourself from others, an “us versus you” attitude is created that shows you as a separate member of a team. Second, it takes you away from the work that is actually done and limits your ability to do it direction.

2. Enter a permanent address
Having an action plan is very good, and that is exactly what good leaders do. But steering too stiff can undermine yours credibility and leadership skills. Managers are often caught up in the idea that they are solely responsible for the results of a project and in order to gain some control they develop rigorous strategies for execution by their teams.

Implementing a plan without consulting your staff can result in losing important ideas that could help you find better solutions. You also generate resentment and demotivation among your subordinates, resulting in less productivity and bad ideas. If your plan is too rigid, you will also lose the ability to adjust when circumstances require it. Flexibility is always good in a changing market.

3. Focus only on everyday life
There are two ways in which executives focus too much on the daily routine: the first is personal and the second as a manager. In the first case, when you spend too much time tending to small slopes, you never have room to think about the problems you face as a group. As a result, you will never be able to reflect on, change, or even set a direction on new initiatives. Delegate some tasks if you feel really overwhelmed.

As a manager, it is also problematic to focus too much on the activities of your colleagues. Make you one Micromanager And that can irritate and disrupt the working rhythm of your employees. Find people you can trust and you will really stop working.

4. Make excuses
Be careful: it is not the same as finding the original problem. In fact, as a leader, you need to find the source of a problem and correct it. On the contrary, excuses are a cheap and sluggish way of resolving a situation, as you attribute the outcome of an event to an uncontrollable factor, thereby eliminating the need for further investigation.

5. Work too hard
Many leaders carry their teams on their shoulders by working long hours without a break. While these types of actions can help you meet deadlines, they ultimately destroy your leadership skills.

Lack of sleep decreases your ability to concentrate and even your health. Working tirelessly robs you of stress relief, and makes you more irritable and less productive. Take your time and you and your team will be happier.

If you start showing any of these bad habits, work on getting rid of them ASAP. Change direction and strengthen attitudes that oppose those bad attitudes that make you a good leader. Your employees will follow your example and be more efficient and productive themselves.

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