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The 5 emotional qualities you need to be an entrepreneur

February 16, 2020

Many believe that an entrepreneur must be a potential Albert Einstein, but it is not. These are the features that you should have in your sights.

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It is not enough to have an idea ; It is necessary to have certain tools to defend your project and bring it to success, or to recognize its failure and continue. We wanted to know what are the questions that a person must ask to know if he is an entrepreneur. We question some experts to answer our questions.

José Antonio Dávila, director of the, points out that the most important thing is that the entrepreneur sees an opportunity that gives him hope, he is passionate; that he thinks he can solve a need that had not been resolved before, and that is delivered and dedicated.

The 5 emotional qualities you need to be an entrepreneurThe 5 emotional qualities you need to be an entrepreneur

Based on this premise, five questions stand out to know if someone can become an entrepreneur.

1. Do you pursue your dreams or someone else's?

Nathalie Plouin Arredondo, director of the Bachelor of Business Creation and Development of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México, points out that, on many occasions, a person seeks to work in a company because he likes the place or its product.

However, an entrepreneur is willing to find opportunities and work to achieve their goals and fulfill their own dreams.
Juan Vera González, of, tells in the study Multiplier Effect that, after failing in Colombia, had opportunities to work in companies, but rejected the offer and founded with friends a mobile application solutions company. Then he would meet again with his partner in BlueMessaging.

2. Are you a leader?

An entrepreneur makes decisions and is willing to take responsibility. You must convince others that your project is good, and once you have employees, you must convince them that their way of working is the best.

3. Do you believe in yourself?

ship is a race of persistence and endurance. An entrepreneur needs self-confidence and knows that he can make his projects happen. At this point, the entrepreneur must know that his projects are not easy, so the will to achieve it is indispensable. An entrepreneur cannot be afraid of failure or what they will say.

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4. Are you interested in improving what already exists?

Some believe that an entrepreneur must be a potential, innovative and creative Albert Einstein, but it is not. “An entrepreneur detects a problem in society and seeks to be an agent of change . Since childhood they have the seed of solving problems instead of being part of them: that is a quality, ”explains Plouin Arredondo.

BlueMessaging originated when its founders campaigned digital marketing and data collection in the field. They thought then that they could carry out these activities in a more practical way and developed an artificial intelligence engine that responds to the consumers of a company and makes recommendations.

5. Are you clear about your passions?

The Tecnológico de Monterrey academic points out that, in order to know if there is an entrepreneur in us, we must detect what our passions are and what moves us to get up every day.

The best mix for a good venture is composed of the following ingredients: a problem, passion, and the element “what am I good for”. With that you can create a business idea.

And you, do you think you have the emotional characteristics to be an entrepreneur?

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