The 5 best software for your company

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The 5 best software for your company
The 5 best software for your company

At the time of Manage projects In your company, it is important to consider the possibilities of some tools that help us to simplify activities and save time.

A Project management software It has the ability to plan, organize, manage, track and track resources.

When managing a project, you need to follow a variety of methods or schemes to follow a set of best practices that maximize the likelihood of success for each of your activities and, consequently, the project.

Engineer Luis Baza, who is dedicated to information technology and technical support at La Salle University, confirms that this is a great moment for project management software, as this quarantine has shown that there is a broad market for all tools, the remote Enable work in medium and large teams.

“Project management software develops and improves the main shortcomings of organizations when working in a digital world. Collaborative work reduces the need for a visible leader and enables members of the organization to have a better opinion and develop an idea, “the specialist said in an interview s in Spanish.

There are various methods of administration. The choice of project that best suits your company’s needs largely depends on the type of project you want to carry out. For example, software developers generally use agile methods such as SCRUM, in which the progress of the project and possible corrections that occur during operation are checked in short meetings. In order to achieve this – from assignment to monitoring activities and their stakeholders – it is always good to have a reliable and functional platform at hand that enables this.

“These tools organize information for efficient and quick decision making. By promoting self-management, team members learn to develop independently and with great freedom of action, which offers the working group different perspectives and great flexibility. Something that doesn’t exist when the actions are orders from a single person or a boss, “added Baza.

According to INEGI data, there are around 4.1 million SMEs in Mexico. It is very useful for this type of company to implement software with these features as it is very complete, inexpensive and even free. The jobs require people to know how to manipulate these types of programs as this is a way to streamline the activities and tasks to be performed.

With this in mind, we present some project management tools that you can find on the market.

Picture: Wrike

It is a free project management program that is easy to integrate Google Apps, Excel and other types of programs. Internet users can edit, create and view documents from their email. Wrike is a great option to optimize and simplify work schedules. You can organize everything you need to successfully complete your project in one place using the Create, Plan, Collaborate, Inform, Customize, Integrate, Security, and Support features.


This tool has gained a lot of ground in various organizations because they work with the beginning of the development cycle of agile systems. Teams can create Kanban boards and custom SCRUM tables, and create real-time reports. JIRA Connect creates reports that agile collect practical and functional data, as well as SCRUM dashboards designed to provide iterative and incremental value as quickly as possible.

Image: Trello

Software that is based on a web interface and enables you to work more productively and collaboratively helps you to organize and prioritize your projects in an attractive, innovative and flexible way. You can work with any team, be it for a project or event, and stay organized. It includes Butler, an integrated automation tool that can replace some manual and repetitive tasks. It has recently become very popular due to the pandemic and is vital for education and remote work.

Trello includes a Kanban card system in which three columns show the workflow:

  • Everything (Do): This is where the tasks that are to be performed are anchored, ie those that are waiting for someone to do them.
  • To do (In processing): Tasks that have been assigned to someone and are in progress so that nobody repeats them.
  • donate (Finished): Indicates that the task has been completed.

Picture: Microsoft Project

The system has been part of the business for about 30 years. It is used for complicated projects, but makes it much easier to create custom reports. It is aimed at trained specialists who have the knowledge to make optimal use of this program.

Free project: Even so, this tool is very similar to Project Microsoft, but the difference is that it has a free license. So if you download an original copy of this software, we don’t have to pay for activation.

Image: teamwork

It is a program dedicated to collecting the project tracking skills that a person may need. It is instinctive and very easy to use. It includes the ability to manage tasks, discussion fields, information stores and Gantt chart visualization. It is also possible to include a database Dropbox, Google Drive, among other.

With the tools, you can not only create a Gantt chart that shows the times, days and organized activities or the mapping of techniques, but also the ability to calculate costs, gaps and times can be an important point for a project be successfully developed. There are even some of these programs that you can use to learn lessons and make notes.

“Although the transition to a digital world will not be immediate or complete, it is increasingly valued for its strengths and project management software will undoubtedly have its big moment,” concludes Bazan.

In the future, because of their effectiveness and functionality, it will be crucial for companies to be controlled by these tools so that they can carry out all their projects correctly and successfully, regardless of the adverse situations that arise.

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