The 40 weirdest things bosses have asked for

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A few months ago, Business Insider asked readers what are the strangest things their bosses have asked them to do. These were some of his strangest reactions when he went “swimming” in a garbage can, covering romantic relationships and uncovering pipes:

1. See the trial of OJ Simpson

The 40 weirdest things bosses have asked for
The 40 weirdest things bosses have asked for

“My boss asked me to see the process so I can explain it to him later. I lived in Germany and he thought that as a Canadian I would understand better everything that was happening. She paid me a full day’s salary just because I sat down with her to explain the case and the gossip about it. The easiest job in the world! It made me sad when the process ended and I had to go back to my usual routine. – Anonymous.

2. Manage your entire company

“My boss asked me to run his company for my first week without him being there to explain what to do, what the other employees were called, or what to do. Strange ”- Curtis from Nashville.

3. Make sure your fake tan was even

“My boss asked me to check that her tan was even” – Anonymous from Austin.

4. Fill out the adoption sheets

“A boss asked a colleague to fill out the adoption application for her” – Anonymous

5. Print huge pictures of your face

“My former employer urged me to find a company that could print large pictures of his face. I needed her for a party I guess. He also asked me to get him two golden thrones. After the party, the posters with his face were used as decorations in our tiny office. “- James, London.

6. Buy clothes for your lover

“My boss asked me to buy him a dress for his lover. I spent my day in her car visiting shop after shop until I found the model she wanted. “Anonymous, New York.

7. Be Santa Claus

“My boss asked me to be Santa Claus at the New Year’s party to entertain his kids” – Anonymous.

8. Have a “happy ending”

“My ex-boss told me he wanted to have a happy ending massage with me on a business trip” – Anonymous.

9. Buy drug paraphernalia

“My director asked me to buy him a pipe to smoke marijuana because he was going to a party at night” – Anonymous.

10. Adjust the chest with tape

“My boss asked me to help her tape her breasts into a new blouse. I am a woman, but that was extremely uncomfortable. ” – Anonymous.

11. Handle cyanide

“In 2008 I had to do a summer internship to get my degree in business administration. Obviously there wasn’t a lot of financial work in the economic crisis, many of my colleagues and I accepted a possible internship. I don’t know how, but I ended up working for a poison management company.

“One day I walked into the office (which was in the basement of a house) and found a box on my desk. I opened it and saw that there was a bag with a white powder on it. Then I asked my boss what this dust was on my desk and he started screaming desperately that I was coming out of the room. An abandoned gold mine had apparently just been cleaned and several boxes of sodium cyanide had been found.

“Apparently it was used to extract gold from the mines, but it’s incredibly poisonous. I had simply opened the box with a utility knife and almost tore the bag containing the chemical. My boss later told me that he left it on my desk because he wanted me to find a buyer for the substance.

“I called various companies for a month to see if they wanted to buy the cyanide boxes. All because I couldn’t work for a company like Lehman Brothers. You almost cost me my life thanks to the economic crisis ”- Anonymous.

12. Fishing

“My boss asked me to catch koi fish from his pond” – Anonymous.

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13. Annoy a customer

“I was working in a sports shop when I was a student and my manager told me to tell a customer who was returning $ 500 worth of goods on a Saturday morning that we couldn’t serve them because the system wasn’t working ( this to avoid a return). I didn’t mean to do it so my boss did. It turns out the woman was the inspector of the chain and realized my boss’s lie ”- Michael, Connecticut.

14. Smile for the camera

“I was working for a Japanese restaurant when I was asked to go to the surveillance camera and identify myself so my boss could see if he recognized me or not. He talked to me like I was a dog. I resigned the next day. – Anonymous, Los Angeles.

15. Buy a jumper

“My boss told me that I had to stop my projects because I had an immediate higher priority: to find and buy a bouncy castle for his two year old son” – Anonymous.

16. Falsify advertising test results

“My head of department asked me to falsify the results of some advertising tests because he wanted to take the job of a colleague who was disabled due to an accident and pass it on to a friend. I discussed it with her and told her why I couldn’t do it. It was immoral, dishonest, unethical. I asked myself, “If we get caught, would this person defend me in court?” Probably not. I was shocked. The next morning he called me to his office and stepped back. “- Anonymous, Central Valley, California.

20. Stomp garbage

“My boss told me to trample the garbage in the dumpster in front of the office … in the middle of summer.” – Bill, Centennial, Colorado

21. Like your articles

“My boss asked me to like all of his articles on LinkedIn. – Anonymous.

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22. Check in instead of a customer

“I had to check in at a hotel near the office instead of with a customer because his lover would be in town and he didn’t want his name on the files” – Anonymous.

23. Reschedule an operation

“My boss asked me to postpone an intestinal surgery that I really needed because it went against his schedule. At the time I was bleeding and he didn’t care ”- Paul, Melbourne.

24. Sit down and look pretty

“My former boss once asked me not to speak in a meeting, just sit down and look pretty.” He was an idiot ”- Anonymous.

25. Decorate your playroom

“I had to find a good pool table, retro lamps, cowhide rugs and other weird things” – Anonymous.

26. Cover up an infidelity

“My boss, a school principal, asked me and other teachers to lie during an evaluation by his superiors. He was married and had an affair with another teacher (also at home). They spent their afternoons in a hotel even though she was an afternoon shift teacher. She was fired and he was sent to a smaller school to become a part-time headmaster. – Lynne Hamilton, Ontario.

27. Looking after your 4 year old daughter

“My boss asked me to take care of a little girl I had never met all day because her babysitter got sick” – Anonymous.

28. Go to the roof

“My boss asked me to go up on the roof to help the maintenance man install the air conditioning. I am an IT engineer. “- Steve, Montreal

29. Copy your contact list

“My ex-boss asked me to copy his entire contact list into a new phone book by hand.” – Anonymous, New York.

30. Lying to your wife

“My employer asked me to lie to his wife when she called to find him while he was traveling with a partner.” – Anonymous.

31. Renovate a suite

“My boss asked me to renovate one of the luxury rooms in the hotel that I’m in worked (I was the doorman) “- Anonymous.

32. Buy a barrel of beer

“My boss asked me to buy a keg of beer for a party … and he told me I was the designated driver” – Anonymous.

33. Train my substitute

“My boss reduced my position and briefly extended my contract. I asked him what he would do at this point and he told me that he would train the person who would take my place. “- Anonymous.

34. Babysitting … your 18 year old son

“My boss asked me to take care of his 18-year-old, six-foot-tall son” – Anonymous.

35. Handling a urine sample

“They asked me to handle a urine sample for laboratory analysis” – Ingrid.

36. Scrape chewing gum off the floor

“My boss asked me to remove gum from the sidewalk in our building … with a butter knife.” – BE, Woodbridge.

37. Be more cultured

“My boss asked me to pay for the rest of our team to go to Paris or London so we could go to an industry show and become more ‘sophisticated’. In the end he didn’t take us to the Happy Show and now he reminds us every time he can that he took us on a trip ”- Anonymous.

38. Wash clothes

“He asked me to take his dirty clothes to the laundry” – Victoria, BC

39. Label your wedding invitations

“He invited me to speak to his guests. Technically, they had to be done by hand, but I typed them (with everything and mistakes). She didn’t own the business, in fact it was a government agency. That’s why I became passive aggressive ”- Anonymous.

40. Cover a pipe

“My boss asked me to uncover a clogged bathroom. I was an assistant to the management, but since the maintenance people weren’t there … ”- Karen, Winnipeg.

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