The 4 personalities you should hire

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When building a startup, an intelligent attitude is essential. You need to find the right people and put them in the right positions to create a quality product, build a strong brand, and reach the right consumers. In other words, you have to create one Dream Team.

The 4 personalities you should hire
The 4 personalities you should hire

I learned that when I founded my Software Advice company. The hiring was a bit challenging at first, but since then we’ve grown into a team of over 100 people – and we’ve gradually created special roles for the best people to build on their strengths.

In order to better understand who these elite employees were, I recruited a business psychologist, Dr. James Maynard. In the study, we identified four types of personalities that are essential for turning a startup into a profitable company:

The matrix thinker


When you start a business, you need people with great ideas. Matrix thinkers solve problems creatively, express themselves artistically and think outside the box. They generally combine seemingly unrelated concepts to generate intelligent and revolutionary ideas, products and processes. However, this sometimes leads to confusion and immature matrix thinkers tend to be distracted and a bit messy.

On the other hand, mature matrix thinkers can synthesize the information they receive and communicate effectively with others. They are brilliant marketing strategists, web developers, creative directors or execution managers. If you started a startup, you are the original innovator, and although you do not fully identify with this profile, you certainly share some of its characteristics.

The wise


Once you’ve defined your long-term strategies and campaigns, you’ll need people to run them. Wise are intelligent and hardworking people who are usually very talented in an area. If they are free to work on their specific work routine, they can concentrate deeply on projects. Wise are generally good writers, artists, and engineers, and their productive nature can make them the greatest producers in your business.

However, their natural perfectionism can be a double-edged sword, and immature ones tend to have social anxiety, communication problems, and depression. But mature sages have noticed their natural talent and must succeed. You can become your best content creator, designer, graphic artist and editor.

The master


Now you have a product to sell and you need someone to move it effectively. The champion is the star seller: dynamic and hardworking. Champions are confident that they can be successful, and usually they are. They are excellent communicators that people can read and are not easily demotivated. Champions usually have a chip on their shoulders. In general, this chip motivates them to continue selling even in difficult times. But in immature champions, the chip can manifest through arrogance, resentment, and a conflict with authority.

Mature champions have learned to temper their ego and can become charismatic and effective leaders. In addition to sales, they thrive in management and leadership positions.

The donor


Once the Champions have won customers for your company, you need someone to support them with their questions and problems. The giver is the perfect customer service representative who always puts the needs of the customer, partner and company before you. They are people who know how to work in a team, follow the rules, and generally are the ones who arrive early and leave late. However, this setting can lead to burnout. Immature donors have high expectations of their team members and tend to avoid confrontations that can lead to passive-aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, mature donors know how to respond to problems and continue to work for a company’s service. In addition to their ability to support customers, donors excel in executive support, marketing, and middle-level management.

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