The 4 Buddhist acts of the convincing entrepreneur

The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

Some of us were lucky or unlucky enough to work in one company who communicated with doing for doing, winning for winning and suffering for suffering. The job is done without much thought for the benefit of others; The “convincing” actions in these places are rather political and eternal courage that drives the toxic mechanism for making money.

The 4 Buddhist acts of the convincing entrepreneur
The 4 Buddhist acts of the convincing entrepreneur

Does this seem familiar to you?

The enterprising You have the advantage of starting alone or accompanied by someone and having the opportunity to create a new universe. If the roots are strong, your company will turn green. If the ways of convince They are noble for his people and his customers … the fruits they receive will also be so.

Buddhists have known this since the 5th century BC. they call it Catuh samograha vastu or four ways to convince:

1. Dana (Give)

The intention to found a company is to give without giving anything back. It is a primary and logical rule. This giving must be wide in quality and benefit. And it is good that it offers advantages that are not just for those target. It is given to the poor and people with different abilities: money, time or care. This path shows that those who do not have developed skills must be given the opportunity to learn and work so that they are not financially dependent on anyone. It is given to those who are desperate, fearful and anxious. Liberation is given as much as possible.

Think about Virgin Atlantic’s service to its customers, the dignity and power it offers to its employees, and how it supports nonprofits like Can Do Coffee who return to ex-convict entrepreneurs with their own coffee cart. Immediate persuasion.

2nd Arthakrtya (Charities)

Action has to be done. Charity means doing things for positive purposes so that happiness is there. Make food so that your customers are healthy. Fill water that works well and is not contaminated. Reduce bad deeds and maintain a good precedent to enrich wisdom and blessings. Just having a good intention at the beginning of the day can redirect normal actions and turn them into multiplied blessings.

Think of Casa del Agua, it works well with water without a carbon footprint (the one bought on site is never transported); It is good for those who believe in science and offer water with alkaline and mineral properties. And for those who believe in the mystical, it harmonizes with gratitude, music and messages of love. As expensive and good as an Evian, but its actions are more convincing.

3rd Priyavacana (Tenderness of the voice)

The picture is voice; To be clean and smooth to be pleasant or at least not distracting is the right thing. Behavior speaks; Be good and pure, kind and sincere in speaking. It is good to understand that those who are fair in word and deed are generally respected.

If customers or employees have done something good, just praise them and encourage them to continue. If someone is afraid, fearful or desperate, it doesn’t take a few words to comfort him. If someone has bad thoughts or bad behavior, a convincing entrepreneur will give him advice to urge him to stop.

In this way, others are respected, what they say is listened to carefully and efforts are made to understand the problems and needs. There is no promise that is not only done out of enthusiasm. Above all, have compassion (no pity), kind thoughts and respect for all religions, ethnic groups and types of people in the understanding that there is nobody who is superior or inferior. So the entrepreneur convinces with appropriate words in an appropriate manner. It is known as loving speech.

Think of the La Chiquita restaurant, which sells cakes and juices on the corner of Murcia and Actipan in Insurgentes-Mixcoac, while respecting and speaking to its customers. Among other things, I have never been discriminated against and that convinces me to return.

4. Samanartharta (Collaboration)

Working together means working together. The entrepreneur cannot alienate himself from his “interested public”, he has to be the first to be interested in it, and not the other way around. You have to eat, work and live with them most of the time. Being close to them creates trust and friendship. Cooperation is only possible by pushing the same car.

Consider Sam Walton, the founder of Walmartwho asked the stevedores how they could improve operations. In Carlos Kasuga, founder of Yakultwhich he happens to eat at his company workers’ home. In Alfonso Betancourt, CEO of the upgrade agency, who has an indistinguishable desk among all of his employees. Being sensitive to what’s going on around you is convinced.

You just hit that Catuh samograha vastu or four ways to convince. They are forms that Bodhisattva, that is, those who follow the path of the Buddha. A good Christian, Muslim or atheist shouldn’t differ significantly from this behavior in order to become a convincing entrepreneur. If you do things the opposite way, you want to complicate your life. At the end of the day; do for do; Profit for profit; Suffering for suffering … in the broadest and most intelligent sense … it is not very profitable to say.

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