The 3 questions you need to ask before you get up

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up? Use these minutes before the start of your day to think about and prepare for professional challenges.

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The 3 questions you need to ask before you get up
The 3 questions you need to ask before you get up

The first few hours of the morning are great for clearing your mind for the rest of the day.

As an entrepreneur, one of the best ways to start your day is with optimistic and daring questions to help you imagine what’s next. That helps you to be prepared for opportunities Keep your eyes open throughout the day when inevitable challenges arise. We recommend that you ask yourself the following three questions before getting out of bed:

1. Who can I help today? There is a famous phrase from Plato that says, “Be kind, because every person you meet is in an uphill battle.” It’s easy to wake up and your first thoughts are, “I haven’t slept enough” or “I’m busy … how do I end it all?”

While these thoughts are normal, they are not very inspiring. All people have something different to offer us. If you start your day by asking how you can help, it means saying “I have something to offer and something to give. “

That’s a stronger way: to offer value. Take a few minutes to think about how you can help people and watch out throughout the day when new opportunities arise.

2. What can I improve? This can be as specific as you’d like, but the point is, you imagine what positive action You can do today to be a little better than the day before.

Did you go to the gym lazily when you had to go? How can you take a positive step to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Have you lost patience with someone at work and would you have preferred to be better with them? Think about ways you can get closer to this person and, if necessary, apologize for your bad behavior.

It’s not about being perfect or wrong, it’s about making each day bigger effort when yesterday. Just as your business success doesn’t happen overnight, you don’t become a great leader or entrepreneur quickly. Every day you have more wisdom and commitment to improving yourself in your own life.

3. How can I create value today? Although this sounds similar to the question “Who can I help?” This is about adding value to your work. It is important to consider how your work is helping others.

This can be done through a quality service or product that you offer, or even through content sharing. The form isn’t important, it’s the value. The courage you are motivated to instinctively join your mission for better results.

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