The 28-year-old untitled student who became one of the most renowned economists in the world

Nathan Tankus has followers of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and even the United States Federal Reserve.

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The 28-year-old untitled student who became one of the most renowned economists in the world
The 28-year-old untitled student who became one of the most renowned economists in the world

“Nobody on the Internet knows you are a dog”. This strange (if perhaps cruel) meme phrase is used to provoke giggle and to imply that on the web, credentials and experiences so important in the “real world” fade into the background when you show that you know what you’re talking about.

A very clear and timely example of this phenomenon is Nathan Tankus, a 28-year-old with no degree yet a financial commentator with followers in the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury Departmentas well as in renowned financial media such as Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Tankus, who is a graduate student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, has released a newsletter this year with commentary on business and finance. His publications on monetary mechanics were so successful that he was recognized.

In 2015 he appeared on Twitter, but was recognized by thinkers and economists Wall Street this year thanks to your newsletter “Notes on the crisis” In it, he explains the immediate measures the Fed had to take to combat the recession caused by COVID-19.

Tankus’ fame has been exploited today by a profile called the financial publication Bloomberg He told his story because the young man earned $ 45,000 a year thanks to subscriptions to his newsletter.

As he emphasizes BloombergThe young specialist has become famous because his sharp and “well-founded” arguments about what happens in the world economy every day have more influence than articles published in specialist publications like the American Economic Review.

Tankus himself says that his success was not accidental, but that he was strongly influenced by the fact that he is a white Cisgender man, which means that he has an image that is very close to the American middle class.

Picture: Nathan Tankus on Twitter

Tankus started his apprenticeship in 2009 when he was studying economics in the United States during his summer vacation with economists Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz. Then he studied the general theory of employment, interest, and money with John Maynard Keynes. Throughout high school.

He then spent a year at Wells College in New York before moving to the University of Ottawa to study with economists Marc Lavoie and Marco Seccareccia. However, financial problems prevented him from continuing his studies at this school. Finally, he returned to New York to study at John Jay School with leftist economist JW Mason.

After having success with his newsletter (and having the money to continue studying), Tankus plans to study at the University of Manchester in the UK for a PhD in law.

He boom Success came when the Fed announced a series of extraordinary measures to save the American economy and Tankus wrote 21 articles about it within 31 days.

They follow his liberal views on the economy Wall Street Journalhe New York Times And until Peter Orszag, a former Barak Obama administration official.

In a world as turbulent as the one we live in, it’s good to have an influencer who provides useful information for 2020.

You can follow Nathan Tankus at Twitter and in your newsletter Comments on the crisis.

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