The 27 agree to reopen the EU border to tourists who have been vaccinated in third countries like the US

The 27 agreed this Wednesday to reopen their international border to tourists vaccinated against the coronavirus in third countries who inject vaccines that have also been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as is the case in the US or the US the case is kingdom.

The conditions for entry of vaccinated travelers to the EU are that they have received the full vaccination schedule (two doses in most vaccines on the market) at least fourteen days prior to their travel, according to the consensus of states. Member at ambassador level meeting in Brussels.

The agreement has yet to be formalized at ministerial level, likely this Thursday at a scheduled meeting of those responsible for trade, and will enter into force when it is published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The 27 agree to reopen the EU border to tourists who have been vaccinated in third countries like the US
The 27 agree to reopen the EU border to tourists who have been vaccinated in third countries like the US

Until the entry into force of the European Covid Certificate, with which the 27 are concluded to reactivate tourism within the EU, this new condition for non-EU tourists can only be offered by Member States that are already considering vaccination, to ease restrictions on Europeans.

In this way, the capital cities wanted to ensure that travelers from third countries were not treated privately with regard to the situation of Europeans. The recommendation therefore clarifies that a member state may only open its border to third parties if it is already using it. Consideration of vaccines for lifting quarantines or the requirement of PCR on Europeans.

In any case, border management is the exclusive responsibility of national governments. At European level, it is agreed that the same criteria should be used in all 27 countries, which does not prevent each country from being able to set more stringent criteria.

For example, the agreement states that in addition to the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency, member states can also authorize non-EU tourists who have been vaccinated with other World Health Organization (WHO) approved serums.

Another update of the criteria for EU accession agreed by the capitals is the revision of the incidence rate, which is taken into account. So far, Member States have restricted travel authorization to countries where the incidence has not exceeded 25 cases per 100,000 population. This threshold is now lowered to 75 positive cases per 100,000 population.

EU countries will also step up the so-called “emergency brake” which would allow them to close the reopened border with a third country or apply other restrictions that restrict travel if infections rise or a high incidence of new variants is found. .

Apart from the obligation of 27 to reopen tourism to vaccinated non-EU citizens, EU countries have a reduced list of countries to which they open their border because they consider that they pose no risk because of their epidemiological Situation is the same or better than in Europe.

The last review was conducted on May 5 to add Israel to this list, which does not meet ten goals but is expected to be updated again by the end of this week, taking into account the new criteria agreed on Tuesday.

Currently, the list is limited to routes departing or arriving to Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and China, although in the latter case it is subject to the condition of reciprocity that currently exists, Beijing does not adhere to it.

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