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The 20 things the 35- to 40-year-old generation are looking for today

October 1, 2020

The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

Millennials: many desire them, many fear them, few understand them. However, the reality is that young people of this generation are changing the way we work and the strategies for attracting and retaining talent in companies.

The 20 things the 35- to 40-year-old generation are looking for today
The 20 things the 35- to 40-year-old generation are looking for today

Millennials are characterized by their knowledge of technology and social networks. for being multitasking, Dreamer and entrepreneur. So if you want to conquer them in your company, you need to consider what they are looking for in a job. Note something:

1. Independence
Micromanagement doesn’t work for millennials. You don’t have to be on them all the time. let them think and act. You will be amazed at the results. Do not confuse this with “being a boat” or indifferent; Give them a guide and delivery time, but let them define their times and processes.

2. Mentoring
Swap the role of boss for that of mentor. Do not devote yourself to giving orders, but rather guide them and give them the tools they need. Contrary to what many people think, millennials like to receive advice and trust the people they admire.

3. Flexibility
Don’t set the schedule from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m. and inside the office. This traditional corporate practice is a killer for motivation and creativity. Let them choose their hours (as long as it doesn’t affect your productivity) and encourage them to work from home or a third-party location.

4. Ability to climb
These young people are more than just money, they are motivated by professional growth and development. If you want to keep them, you need to let them know that they can achieve these goals and move into higher positions in your company.

5. Cooperation
Look for collaborative environments. Millennials want to share their knowledge and skills and learn new ones. Leave the booths behind and create open spaces where they can speak and listen.

6. Open
Transparency is a key value for these young employees. They want to work in an honest environment where they can express themselves and share doubts and concerns. If you want to be a good leader, establish open door guidelines among all members of the organization (including yourself).

7. Good salaries
While money isn’t your main motivator, it doesn’t mean it is an irrelevant topic. It offers fair compensation and is in line with the work they have done. In addition, it is important that you increase your salary from time to time and be completely sincere when talking about money.

8. Opportunities to travel and meet people
Millennials value learning and networking. If you can offer these incentives in your company, make the most of it. By knowing new places and people, they can find solutions for your business and potentially important contacts.

9. Fun work environment
For these young people, having fun doesn’t conflict with productivity and results. Increase the relationships between your employees and regularly create activities like games, races and tournaments that will distract them and improve their mood. Let them put on their music, decorate their workspaces and laugh.

10. Internet and social networks
Although you think Facebook and Twitter are a waste of time (which they sometimes do), they are part of their life and work. So if you want them to be happy have fast internet in your facilities and please never block these sites.

11. Occasional functions
Life insurance, INFONAVIT, etc. All of this is important, but let’s face it, almost all companies offer exactly the same thing. Attract millennials with unique features like bikes, discount coupons, a good dining room, exchanges, equipment, etc.

12. Breaks and vacations
In Mexico, employees typically only have a few vacation days (not the first year). This is no doubt counterproductive. Make them last longer, especially if you see them worn out or unmotivated. Absenteeism due to “illness” will decrease and you will return with more energy.

13. Responsibilities
Millennials love challenges. So don’t hesitate to give them more responsibility than their position allows. This will keep them motivated and focused.

14. Be Intrapreneurs
Nothing is more beneficial to an organization than having entrepreneurs among its employees. Increase their proactivity and let them work on projects unrelated to their work.

15. Short term tasks
One of the main characteristics of millennials is their impatience. If you want to keep them focused, give them tasks that get done in a short amount of time. If it’s a long-term project, break it up into pieces to get the most out of it.

16. Feedback at the moment
When an employee of this generation makes a mistake, correct it immediately. Don’t let it cool down or forget; that just makes them uncomfortable. If they succeed, express it immediately and clearly explain why it was a positive thing.

17. An attractive corporate culture
Although this point is the sum of all of the above, it is important to know how to communicate it to the outside world. Why do all young people want to work at Google? Because Google has always advertised itself as a fun company where employees have things like unlimited food, play areas, rest areas, etc.

18. Work-life balance
Remember, no one should live to work. Respect their lives outside of the office and discharge times. Never call them at night or on the weekend unless it’s an emergency. It is very important to these young people to have time to devote themselves to other tasks and to do things they enjoy.

19. Ask for their opinion
Include them in your decisions. These young people like to talk and be heard. Make this point clearer by constantly asking for their opinions and ideas.

20. Increase your skills
Another factor millennials look for in organizations is education and skills development. It offers them the opportunity to take courses, workshops and diplomas that improve their performance in their field and in others.

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