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The 18-year-old dies who was seriously injured during protests in Colombia

November 26, 2019

Riot police deployed during the protests in Bogotá. – Sergio Acero / colprensa / dpa


Dilan Cruz, the 18-year-old boy who was seriously injured during demonstrations in Colombia when an artifact launched by the Mobile Riot Squadron (ESMAD) hit his head, died last Monday after spending three days in intensive care , as medical sources have revealed to the local newspaper 'El Espectador'.

The 18-year-old dies who was seriously injured during protests in Colombia
The 18-year-old dies who was seriously injured during protests in Colombia

In a statement released by the San Ignacio University Hospital, in which the young man is admitted, the center explains that his state of health had worsened during the last hours and that it was impossible to reverse the neurological damage suffered.

Shortly before, the center had warned that Cruz was in “irreversible critical state”. “We report that the patient Dilan Cruz worsened in the last hours and entered an irreversible critical state. We are waiting for evolution of the final course,” the text said.

Cruz was taken on Saturday to the hospital in downtown Bogotá, the capital of the country, after being injured by a stun grenade launched by riot agents in the context of protests that have taken place in various parts of the country since last Thursday, day for which a general strike was called.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Cruz presented with a penetrating craniocerebral trauma and one for cardiorespiratory, so he had to enter the resuscitation unit.

On Sunday, hundreds of people took to the streets in Bogotá as a sign of support while Colombian President Iván Duque called for an “urgent” investigation to be clarified “quickly” and “determine responsibilities.”

“We are very sorry that the young Dilan Cruz was injured during the events that took place today in downtown Bogotá. Our solidarity with his family,” said the president.

The protests began last Thursday coinciding with the general strike called by unions, retirees, teachers and students, indigenous groups and LGTBI, to protest against the Duke Government and its economic policies, which, according to these groups, have undermined hope of life in the country.

The deterioration of pensions and salaries, breach of agreements with students, and the perennial situation of violence in the country – more than 160 social and union leaders have been killed so far this year – as well as the Government's attempt to modify the peace agreement with the FARC in 2016, are the main points of the mobilizations.

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