The 18 things you should know before walking with an entrepreneur

We don't get tired of talking about the empires we are building and we are looking for people who are willing to listen to us.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

So you want to go with an entrepreneur . It is a complex path, especially if you are not starting a business yourself, because we have strange habits and strange characteristics. Do not panic. Dating an entrepreneur is great, but there are some things you should know.

1. We read a LOT about business and personal development

The 18 things you should know before walking with an entrepreneur
The 18 things you should know before walking with an entrepreneur

s rarely reach a point where we are satisfied with our personal and professional progress. As a result, our bookstores are full of memories, autobiographies and analysis of great innovators and our online bookmarks are full of digital books and emotional improvement tools.

2. Sometimes it is hard for us to “turn off”

For us the work does not stay in the office. We always have things to do and a list of earrings that we are always attacking. It can be difficult to convince an entrepreneur to relax.

3. We are always thinking about money

It is not that we are stingy, rather we try to use our capital intelligently. We know more about tax deduction than anyone else because everything has to have a strategy.


4. We analyze if things deserve our time

As our list of earrings is never empty, the last thing we want is to waste time on something that is not enjoyable or productive. Every issue on our agenda is carefully qualified. Therefore, if we spend time with you, it is because we really want to do it.

5. We definitely do not work from 9 am to 5 pm

Business owners have to cover a number of roles: marketers, content creators, marketers, leaders, customer service, and the list goes on. Our days hardly fit into a routine from 9 am to 5 pm like other professions, which means that it is very likely to see an entrepreneur arriving late (charging with his laptop) or waking up in the early morning to work on a business plan .

6. We ask a lot of questions

s never stop learning. Even if the issue has nothing to do with our business, we are naturally curious and ask millions of questions to get as much knowledge as possible. When you go out with an entrepreneur, you will be with someone who knows a lot and will drive you to continue learning.

7. We do not 'click' with lazy people

s tend to surround ourselves with inspiring people to maintain our motivation. We love to 'bounce' ideas with other entrepreneurs and innovators, especially with people who can teach us to work better. Lazy people demotivate us.

8. We are 'todoologists'

Do you remember that I mentioned that entrepreneurs always want to learn? The result is that they prove everything. A highly motivated person can inspire people with different abilities.

9. We live to achieve things

s are constantly working to reach a goal (many times several at once). Each achievement gives us the impulse to take the next step. Your support in this process will be indispensable.


10. We are spontaneous

The lack of a schedule from 9 am to 5 pm, the constant changes in responsibilities and the mentality of doing things no matter what happens ensures that there is no boring moment with an entrepreneur. When a good idea arrives, we pursue it and hope to take you with us.

11. You will learn a lot about entrepreneurship

The stories, triumphs and problems that your partner shares with you will teach you a lot about your industry. Maybe it's not among your plans to have your own startup, but the second-hand experience will make you an “honorary entrepreneur”.

12. We are great for surprises

We return to spontaneity. s naturally pay attention to things that can change the market, so you can expect surprises beyond flowers and chocolates (and we usually have very good tino).

13. It's hard to explain what we do

Of course, you can say that your partner is an entrepreneur, but sometimes you will have to elaborate more in the answer. Sometimes you must say the name of your partner's business, what he does, why he does it … and before you know it, you will have talked for more than 10 minutes.

14. You will watch movies like The Silicon Valley Social Network and Pirates

s love that kind of films that portray the lives of the people they admire. We can see biographical tapes like Jobs or inspiring dramas like In search of happiness .

15. Our emotions constantly change

s feed on success and despair when it takes time to arrive. We all go through these types of changes, but they are usually very drastic for business owners. We can be happy one moment and angry at the other.

16. You must remind us that we are doing too much

As we are 'todoologists' we tend to enter as soon as the project reaches us at the desk. It is a great way to meet interesting people and learn, but it can also lead to burnout, so you should be their safety net.

17. We need a partner that is good to take care of ourselves, give us space, forgive and have fun

Our erratic agendas and dreams of greatness are more complicated than many believe. The perfect partner of an entrepreneur supports his goals, gives him space, forgives for working hard and knows how to take advantage of free time. Instead, entrepreneurs will give them the whole world.


18. We think of you and interest us more than you think

The reasons above cause not many people to endure dating an entrepreneur, so if you decide to do so, you will be much more appreciated. Your love and dedication mean more to us than you might imagine.

The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster of emotions. Do you dare to live it?

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