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The 10 truths that nobody tells you when creating your company

January 28, 2020

We share some lessons or learnings that you should keep in mind when becoming an entrepreneur.

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The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

The 10 truths that nobody tells you when creating your companyThe 10 truths that nobody tells you when creating your company

ship is not easy , but it is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. And while quitting your job , or not looking for a stable job once you leave the university can be complex, without a doubt, venturing to start your business is something that will change your life.

If you are considering the possibility of starting your business, in this article I share some lessons or lessons that you should take into account when becoming an entrepreneur.

If after reading these uncomfortable truths, you still feel motivated to create your company , chances are you have what it takes to make that leap. So I invite you to review them carefully and know what you are facing.

1. The university is not against entrepreneurship

There are people who believe that going to university goes against the world of entrepreneurship, or that this space prevents the development of entrepreneurs.

These, based on success stories such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who after leaving the university built billions of dollars, assume that this will also be their reality.

The point is that beyond being a pattern, these success stories are an exception to the rule. Universities have become spaces full of opportunities for those who want to undertake.

In these spaces you will not only be trained in key concepts to develop your business idea, but you will also receive advice, consulting and even financing to start your project.

In addition, you can also find people who join your project, that make up your work team and give your business greater chances of success.

2. Beyond motivation, you need discipline

ship is a world of great rewards that involve great sacrifices. Being an entrepreneur means starting something, even when no one is supporting you; It means becoming a receptionist, messenger, production operator, even your company's financial and general manager.

On the other hand, you will have to face these pressure situations alone, since the people around you may question your decisions, there will be little trust in you and you will think that you are wasting your time and money with that “crazy idea”.

For these difficult times you will not only need motivation (which is necessary), but excessive discipline to help you overcome these circumstances; For this you will need a schedule, clear objectives and above all, an approach that allows you to discard everything that does not add up to your venture.

3. Your future will depend 100% on your results

You will not have bosses, schedules or regulations. You can get up at 10 in the morning on a Tuesday and go to the beach on a Thursday and return on Monday. You can see a full season on Netflix before lunch.

You will not have a cubicle, you can have one and your office could be your favorite room, dining room, or coffee shop. You can even work in pajamas if you want … All these benefits come with a condition, and at the end of the month what matters is your results:

  • How much did you sell?
  • How much did you grow over the previous month?
  • Did you make up your work team?
  • Did you close new negotiations with new suppliers?

Most people who want to undertake only see that, they only see the beautiful part of entrepreneurship, but they become blind with the important part, the part that you have to produce and deliver results.

Nobody is going to tell you what you have to do, nor will they pressure you … but if at the end of the month, quarter or year you have not reached your goals, unfortunately you will fail.

4. The economic results will take some time

The reality is that it will take you some time to generate the income you had when you were an employee. This point is difficult to read for those who made the decision to undertake assuming that they would earn thousands of dollars in the short term.

This does not mean that it is not possible to achieve it, and that you will not enjoy it. Rather, it is about understanding that you will have to work intelligently, differently and with dedication to achieve those results that the vast majority of people dream of.

To begin, focus on finding that business idea that you are passionate about, which makes you vibrate and allows you to do what it takes to get it going. Do not let the motivation for money make you look for short-term results that are not sustainable over time.

5. No one will feel the enthusiasm you feel for your business idea

Not all your friends, colleagues or family will be willing to give up everything as you are. And that's fine, you must understand that no one else will feel the passion you feel for your venture. No one, not your partners, employees or potential investors.

Whenever you feel that your workers do not yield to their potential, that your investors do not have the same vision or that customers do not understand your product or service, remember that nobody feels the love you feel for the business.

So to create a team that is talented and understands what you want to achieve, you will have to know how to sell your vision of life very well, in addition to developing an idea that is reliable for others.

6. You will have to put aside your pride

From having to borrow money from family, friends or banks, distribute flyers promoting your products or services, sell door to door and even ask for advice when you do not know what to do, you will have to put aside your pride.

In business, your personality will be tested, you will have to overcome fears and overcome many fears. You will have to face awkward situations that will take you out of your comfort zone and that will make you think differently.

There will also be moments where they will ignore you, that they will look over your shoulder or make excuses that you will end up learning by heart. For these moments, insist, persist and never give up.

7. You will run risks that, at times, will involve failures

You will surely make mistakes and fail . You are going to be wrong and you will have to learn lessons the hard way. When you accept this, you will have the humility to recognize that you do not have all the answers, that entrepreneurship is a daily learning process and that every day you are building a better personal version.

The experience will be your biggest gain from these mistakes and failures. Remember that you, like many other successful entrepreneurs, went through these moments.

8. You will want to resign frequently

You will need armor to withstand so many disappointments, difficulties and loneliness that entrepreneurship implies. No one ever said it was easy, not even those successful people who succeeded.

So you'll have to make up an excuse for every occasion you want to give up. You must find reasons to try again, appear stable and calm to the point that it becomes a reality. Sometimes you just have to trust, give yourself some time to rearm and try again.

9. You will be asked how you did to achieve it so quickly

Others will never understand your effort, dedication and sacrifice. They will think that you did everything overnight, they will fall in love with your results and want to replicate your decision to undertake.

However, you, who have lived every step, understand that it was not so fast or easy. That there were times where your pride was tested, where you felt alone and where, in short, you had to face every point on this list.

For these moments, remember what Woody Allen said, “It took me 20 years to succeed overnight.”

10. The reward of being successful as an entrepreneur

Finally, no matter how many times they tell you or explain, there is no better feeling than the reward of being successful.

It is very good to hear the stories of entrepreneurs who have succeeded, but it is better to create it and achieve it on your own. The satisfaction of having achieved it, that your effort, work and sacrifice will have its reward …

Living doing what you are passionate about, creating something bigger than you, that positively impacts the lives of others, that you had an idea and made it happen …

There is the satisfaction of entrepreneurship. To live on entrepreneurship.

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