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The 10 things productive people always do

November 21, 2020

You too can make the most of your time! Put these strategies into practice and improve your performance.

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The 10 things productive people always do
The 10 things productive people always do

Productive people seem to have the ability to do anything, but it’s just a mirage. The truth is that they discovered important Habits that most of us haven’t mastered.

Here are 10 simple things that productive people do better than you (for now):

1. Get enough sleep. Your body literally recovers itself overnight. In the four phases of a healthy sleep cycle, the first three are dedicated to so-called non-REM sleep and are specifically used to restore the body. Surely you know what a bad sleep feels like the next day. You feel slow and weak. Your body needs carbohydrates and sugar.

You should make sleep your top priority and commit to at least six hours of rest every night.

2. Take a break. You are not designed to sit at a desk with a computer for 8 or 12 hours, like many people do. Even if this is a reality in your business step, mix it up a bit by taking breaks in your day. Get up, go, move and stretch.

Try a platform desk for specific parts of the day. Take a real break to enjoy a healthy meal, then go for a walk. Time is precious, but rest and exercise make you more productive and help your body stay healthy over the long term.

3. Outsource to save time. Talking about what time is precious, you will get time back by outsourcing as much as possible. Get a virtual assistant, hire a freelance designer, and start outsourcing as much of your business as possible.

4. Work at the best time. One of the best things about an entrepreneur’s lifestyle is the ability to be flexible. Really productive people know when they are best.

Some love having a lot of productivity sessions after 10 p.m. When the family is in bed, others know they can do more in the morning. Regardless of when your body is most productive, use it to get your job done.

5. Don’t prioritize everything. Productive people know that there are urgent things and that there are important things. You master the ability to let go of the “urgent” for what is really important and paramount. You won’t make it every day. Prioritize and plan your day to save time.

6. Take action or over-analyze. Productive people know that good planning doesn’t work without action. Planning is important, but many will get lost in the perfectionist trap. Productive people create a future by taking action.

7. Get organized. Productive people understand that an organized life saves time. It takes less time to properly label something or get it into place than it does after trying to find it in a mountain of things. Get organized in every aspect of your life for maximum productivity.

8. Don’t be multitasking. Some people manage to get it done and get everything done on time, but let them be the expectation, not the rule. Productive people realize that multitasking is a myth and prefer to focus on their tasks. You should too.

9. Create and maintain boundaries. Boundaries connect many things that productive people do. It keeps them organized and helps them prioritize. Setting limits and sticking to them will save you a lot of hassle in the long run by trying to discover and analyze all exceptions. Set your limits and put them into practice.

10. Buy online. Productive people know the time value proposition and know when it is possible to buy online. It’s a simple trick that can save you a lot of time.

There are virtual stores that literally sell anything. From household groceries to bathroom supplies, many of your daily necessities are available online and can be delivered to your doorstep. This saves you a lot of time and in many cases money.