The 10 Qualities Every Future Leader Must Have

The dominant theory in economics has long been the following “Alpha” leader You are the best entrepreneur. These are those aggressive, results-oriented people who manage to control and insist on the hierarchical organizational model. However, the success of beta startup cultures based on collaboration, curation and communication is more tangible by the day.

Many say that this new horizontal culture is made possible by members of Generation Y, who have increasingly focused on the community. Other business experts like Dr. Dana Ardi in her book “The Fall of the Alphas” ((The Fall of the Alphas) argue that increasing betas is actually part of a broader, internet-driven cultural shift that emphasizes communities, instant communication, and collaboration.

The 10 Qualities Every Future Leader Must Have
The 10 Qualities Every Future Leader Must Have

Can you imagine the amazing growth of Facebook, Wikipedia or Twitter in an alpha dominated culture? This would not be possible. In fact, I agree with Ardi who says the most successful work areas in the future will be those that adopt the following beta traits and align better with this new leadership scheme. We tell you what they are and how you can apply them in your company:

1. Leave the archaic control models behind
Today’s winning startups have a horizontal, non-hierarchical scheme. Everyone who works in an organization feels part of something and thinks it is the “next big thing”. You always want to be at the forefront and use the best technology.

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2. Practice ego control
You need to be aware of your own weaknesses and focus on both the present and the future. You need to manage your team’s ego by rewarding collaboration behavior. There will always be a need for decision making, especially in times of crisis. Encourage them, but allow everyone to be part of the processes and their execution.

3. Drive innovation
Betas believe that team members need the ability to make a difference – have a voice on important decisions and communicate their discoveries, ideas, and insights with the rest of the team. Encourage the members of your company to use their own skills to keep the whole company competitive.

4. Emphasize collaboration and teamwork
These types of innovative companies are created by building a successful community that shares the same values. In this way, employees feel empowered and motivated to express themselves. The best teams are hired with a view to collaboration and the idea that the whole is much bigger than the sum of the individual results.

5. Create a common culture
Leadership has to be fluent and flexible. Integrity and character are very important. Everyone has to know the culture. Everyone has to subscribe. Everyone has to recognize passion. So the result seems to be a symphony orchestra rather than an advanced army.

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6. Prepare for positions and responsibilities to change constantly
One of the big mistakes entrepreneurs make is not acting fast enough. Markets and needs are constantly changing. In hierarchical systems it is very difficult to adjust positions or to redefine roles. In beta culture, it just gets done.

7. Show trust, but also show compassion
An understanding of yourself, your team and everyone involved in a company is one of the main characteristics of successful companies. If someone doesn’t fit into the company culture or isn’t doing their job, make the change quickly but sensitively.

8. Invite employees to contribute
The closer everyone in the company comes to their individual potential, the more successful the business becomes. Successful cultures motivate your employees to brush up on their skills and to remain flexible and creative.

9. It promotes diversity
s form teams, they do not fill any vacancies. Candidates from reputable universities are not always the best fit for your startup and may not be ideal for this position. So don’t wait for the perfect person – he or she may not exist. When you hire, you are doing it for your potential and your passion. Remember that the most creative teams are made up of people who think differently.

10. Not everyone has to be a superstar
Superstars often don’t pass the ball, they just shoot. Not everyone wants to get into a company. sometimes it is better to move in it. Sponsor your employees and give them the training and coaching they need to perform at their best. Use your time to listen to them and then give them what they need to be successful.

Wise entrepreneurs and managers around the world have found that leading by influence and collaboration is far more effective than relying on fear, authority, and competition. This is increasingly becoming the new paradigm to be successful in today’s challenging market. How does your startup fit into this model?

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