The 10 commandments of personal image

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Although it is true that professional success is associated with an endless number of characteristics and skills, it is also true that a large percentage is related to the image and what it transmits.

Various studies show that, in a conversation, 97 percent of good communication depends on non-verbal language and only 3 percent of what we say. However, many people forget about this 97 percent, which is associated with voice, posture and clothing, among other aspects, causing their message to have little effect on others.

Tell me how you dress and I'll tell you who you are

The 10 commandments of personal image
The 10 commandments of personal image

The body emits many signals. Through your clothing, sitting, or even gestures, you could be telling others that you love your job or that you are lazy and hate what you do. You can make the impression of being an accessible, dominant or disinterested person.

Every day, the theme of the image plays a crucial role in business and life projects. Interest in going to a professional to shape the appearance has grown in recent years. So much so, that even those who want to appear innocent in court, hire a professional to help them demonstrate their innocence through their image.

Prominent politicians know this is true, and for their campaigns they are making a makeover to get more votes; Of course, the external appearance should always be consistent with what is inside, but it is easier to attract others through the external image than the internal one. Once that attention has been captured, it will be easier to expose the capabilities that are possessed . Thats the secret!

Below I share ten keys to get closer to your goals through the image:

1. Dress with a goal in mind. When shopping and choosing your clothes in the morning, think about your life goals. If what you want is to be perceived as a mature and professional person, buying clothes that are too youthful or too casual would be incongruous. Don't you think

2. Master the language of colors. Study the psychology of colors. It will help you much more than you think! For example, if you attend a job interview, you shouldn't wear red, as you may seem aggressive and a person who likes confrontations. If you wear blue you will communicate confidence and leadership.

3. Play with the textures. Each texture evokes different sensations in the others. Heavy fabrics can make you look more professional, and conversely, fabrics with lace or transparencies could project a lackluster appearance.

4. Know your body type. Two people can use the same pants and not look the same. It will all depend on your body type. Do not get carried away by fashion: learn to choose the clothes that favor you.

5. Pay attention to details. A well-ironed shirt, a tie with the correct length, pants with well-defined folds or well-polished shoes speak volumes about you. If you are able to take care of the details, you will give the impression that you can take charge of a business.

6. Take care of your hands. Your hands say much more about you than you think. Well-hydrated hands with manicured nails speak of a disciplined and careful person.

7. Walk like a successful person. That is to say, always upright and with a forward gaze. Don't walk hunched over or looking down – this will convey insecurity and low sociability.

8. Be respectful. Look into the eyes when you speak, don't interrupt and be polite. A kind person will always be more respected than one who is not.

9. Remind yourself how good you are. Remembering your qualities, your triumphs and how failures have made you who you are will help you transmit a pleasant personality to others. If you don't make an effort to remember how good you are, nobody will do it for you … much less they will see it.

10. Take things seriously. There is a time for everything, but if you spend your life making jokes, unless you are a comedian, you will not get others to take you seriously. Make sure that when it comes to a project, business or your working life, others see that you take things seriously.

Luigina Campos has more than 5 years of experience in personal and business image consulting. She is an active member of the International Association of Image Consultants, and owner of the website A la moda con Luigina .

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