The 10 books on communication that take you to another level

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The 10 books on communication that take you to another level
The 10 books on communication that take you to another level

For everyone who wants to grow as an entrepreneur or a professional, “sharpening the saw” is one of their main tasks. We never stop learning. The world of the future will not be for the “scholars”, but for the scholars: those who are always on the lookout for a new idea, a new inspiration or a new solution.

One of the best ways to do this is to read. If you’ve considered searching for books in the growth quadrant, you should discover the great range # Communication has in our lives, in our businesses, and in our relationships. Not everything is public! In a hyper-connected world, most of us have forgotten how to connect.

Grab one of these books and increase your game! Are you ready? They are all on paper and digital. Some even in the audio book.

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You may have heard of a little phenomenon called TED TALKS. If so, then you must contact Carmine Gallo, one of the curators and Trainer for the platform talkers who helped create some of his most famous presentations, such as Bill Gates’ The Mosquitoes or Ken Robinson’s Element.

Gallo is very clear: It is not about being a “great speaker”, but about telling a good story in an unforgettable, emotional and relevant way.

Ideal for: Speaker, trainer, speaker, teacher.

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The company’s communication always has two aspects: external, reputation and sales; internally, identity and culture. In this fantastic book, Daniel Coyle defines the basic elements for creating an identity culture within an organization and the mistakes we make when trying to build a real relationship.

Security, purpose and humanity play a central role in identity building. A manager’s ability to communicate and live with them is critical to the growth and projection of a company.

Ideal for: Executives, directors, human resources and corporate communications.

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How can we present our ideas effectively and powerfully? One of the most practical books with effective tips for conducting high-level company presentations. in the company or work; in front of investors or customers; in front of our bosses and our colleagues.

You may not be a professional speaker or lecturer, but it is certain that you need to present a project or idea to decision-makers. Become an expert with proven techniques that work every time.

Ideal for: s, directors, people who want to grow.

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One of the great classics of public speaking, one of the characters who defined public speaking and public relations in his day and trained thousands of people in his legendary courses.

The art of public speaking presents principles of many years and very practical techniques to successfully end every encounter with the microphone.

Ideal for: Who wants to learn to speak in public.

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What are the not so hidden communication mechanisms? What is really important when it comes to communicating, informing and convincing? Most communication courses and books pay special attention to forms: voice, volume, intonation or posture, but this book goes deeper: what makes us really listen to a person?

The source of trust is the relationship, and this in turn results from the type of connection or authority that exists between two people. What type of authority do you convey when you speak and how can you increase your coefficient?

Ideal for: Those who want to improve their communication in business, in the family or at the microphone.

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What moves people? Dan Ariely is an expert in psychology and economics with one foot on the ship of behavioral research and the other on the beach of common sense, author of several very successful books. Payoff is a short book that examines what moves, motivates and drives us.

spoiler Alarm: not always what appears to be the most obvious. Did you know that an economic bonus can reduce productivity in a company? Do you know the best way to motivate a team? Inspiration is not just an art, it’s also a science, and the suggestions in Payoff are always solid, sometimes not intuitive … and never boring. Deep down, all people seek and need meaning. the same thing that you don’t always find in manufacturing careers and diminished profits.

Ideal for: political decision-makers, directors, people in management positions.

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Jack Schafer is a former FBI agent who was responsible for intelligence processes before and during the 9/11 crisis – or what we call children: espionage. Part of his job was to contact enemy agents and negotiate with terrorists for information.

How do you get a person who doesn’t want to listen to you? How do you get someone who doesn’t want to speak? The answer is much more subtle than we think and has a creative solution at the center: creating a human bond and opening the doors of trust.

With techniques developed through years of experience and phenomenal stories of failure and success, this book is spectacular if you want to talk to everyone everywhere, want to take a position of openness and trust without losing your position.

Ideal for: Sellers, negotiators, interviewers, media talents.

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Richard Branson is one of the least spread entrepreneurs on the planet. A billionaire who has redefined what it means to be stylish while making money. He has published a lot of books, and all are usually good reads. He started with a record store (Virgo records) and then expanded to other markets such as travel, hotels, fitness, communications, airlines and even space travel. What connects all of these companies? In Branson’s words, they are fun, they have a purpose and, above all, they are service-oriented.

“Virgin Style” is also lived in all of them, a way in which the business is lived: with great self-confidence, constant fun, openness to innovation and with anti-bureaucratic communication between company levels. Richard’s stories will fill you with new ideas to create and improve your brand (personal and business) and inspire those who are part of your team.

Ideal for: s, innovators, Intrapreneurs, Directors and creatives.

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One of the most thoughtful and inspiring books I’ve read in years, and what I’ve been thinking so far is Sinek’s best work. The infinite game It is the future of the capitalist revolution and an urgent call to remove the foundations of how we create, grow and communicate prosperity from individuals, businesses and society.

The title reflects a frontal attack on the paradigm of rapid quarterly growth and hyperinflation of stock bubbles. If wealth is the goal – the finite game – disaster, bankruptcy and rebellion are inevitable. But if wealth is the means and CAUSE (people, humanity, dreams) is the goal, then the dynamics change completely and the individuals add up instead of being used.

You have to have the purpose and communicate! Without being completely original in its conception – the same name “Infinite game ” It was not created by Sinek, and Leon XIII. Already showed his upcoming Rerum Novarum More than a century ago, the author revitalized the argument; blames predatory capitalism that has populated the past 5 decades and saves the value of mission as an engine of inspiration, path, and prosperity for companies that want to believe in more than just the quarterly bonus

Ideal for: s, directors, visionaries and dircoms.

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It is not easy to understand how Pixar Animation and Walt Disney changed our world: not only because of the development of new technologies, but above all because of the way we design and communicate stories and how they become stories. Reality.

Ed Cadmull was one of the pioneers – and later one of the leaders – who founded, accelerated, and brought creative companies to unprecedented levels that shaped our modern world. The book shows the path that has led start-ups to survival and growth, and shows that a good idea is not enough: it is necessary to build functional creative teams where the total is much more than the sum of its parts.

Ideal for: creatives, managers, visionaries, personnel.

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