The 10 best Instagram tools that stand out during quarantine

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The 10 best Instagram tools that stand out during quarantine
The 10 best Instagram tools that stand out during quarantine

At the moment there are two strategies you can use: 1. Withdraw with uncertainty around us and play defense. 2. Go on the offensive, control the narrative of your brand and generate more content. Personally, I choose the offensive. In contrast to many other variables (e.g. where I will get my supplies from), I can control the increase in my content on social networks and the further development of my brand.

With the COVID-19 that is forcing us to stay at home, this will be a year of content overloading in InstagramThis gives developers and entrepreneurs a great opportunity to interact more with their fan base. I’ve seen many users looking for new ideas, especially on Instagram Lives. Although this experience is tragic and traumatic in many ways, it has also proven to be a litmus test for brands and their social media strategy.

As an opportunity to review the Instagram tools you could use and the things you could improve, I decided to put together a list of 10 tools that I used that could help you plan and evaluate how you can grow your followers in this difficult time.

1. ViralRace

If you want to quickly build a fan base, ViralRace is a great option to show your content to the people who will enjoy it the most. The system allows people to send their profile to a large group of people and hundreds of interested users can follow this profile. The app is a custom AI engine that geographically targets followers to get high quality leads, which has drawn me as a user. I will point out that the construction is fast but real since you don’t use a bot or a farm of followers with people who will follow you. When we consider the frequency with which Instagram removes wrong followers and bots, a tool like ViralRace is an efficient and inexpensive way to get more traction in the long run. I strongly recommend this so that a solid foundation can be created.

2. Figma

Figma is one of the most intuitive and resourceful design tools that has been developed recently. It wins the race for Adobe (especially since Figma starts with a free version, while Adobe only offers free trial periods). In addition to pricing, Figma is a collaborative design platform that works on projects with your team in real time. This is especially useful if you are working with a content / design duo or if you have a lot of hands on the design of your Instagram. It’s not common to come across products that offer effective collaboration, and if I find one, I’ll stick with it.

3. Later

From the team that brought us LinkInBio (a rasterized link to link content in Instagram posts), Later is one of the most popular products for planning and planning content on Instagram. Later has a clean and simple user experience and offers easy to understand analyzes. With competitive prices starting with a free version for later users, you should definitely check this as soon as possible.


VSCO is considered by many to be one of the strongest visual communities on the market. Here you have to be visually inspired. Since VSCO’s primary tool is image editor, they have had some in-game experience since Instagram started, making it one of the greatest treasures of styles and shots for some of the best in the world. VSCO has been constantly evolving for almost a decade and is a classic for every Instagram professional’s social media arsenal.

5. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is an alternative platform to Later and has a robust platform that can be used to monitor who has seen your Instagram and what content they like best. By providing a fairly simple explanation of the data, Union Metrics can help you make informed decisions about what type of content you should publish and when it is best.

6. BuzzSumo

Let me tell you that for all influencer marketing campaigns, the best ones start with BuzzSumo. By carefully analyzing the number of followers, average engagement and Instagram ranking of each influencer, the platform makes a significant contribution to getting the best ROI from your influencer marketing campaigns. Although it is a little more expensive because it is designed for professional teams, it is still a wise investment if you really want to increase your influencer marketing.

7. TikTok

Why should you use TikTok, the Instagram contest, as a tool to get more interaction on Instagram? Content and editing format become the new norm in Instagram stories. More and more people are turning to TikTok to create short videos with a narrative (similar to a longer vine) and to develop a new medium for content that did not exist before. Even if your Instagram stories still have a good reach, learning how to create TikTok-style content will help you stay one step ahead while building an audience on another platform.

8. Linktree

As a simple linear tool for organizing, compiling and tracking personal links, Linktree is the best in the business. Starting with unlimited links in the free version, it’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to put all their links in one place. In the extended version, monitoring is particularly useful when testing your content A / B. I love the information and make changes based on what I see. For example, if one of my articles gets more visits, I upload it from my Linktree feed.

9. Landscape

With Landscape, a new tool from SproutSocial, you can resize all of your photos to make them perfect for Instagram. Although many of us think cropping is easy, you’ll be surprised by the number of people who don’t upload content or take a photo for fear that it’s not the right size. Landscape fixes this problem and changes people’s behavior in order to generate content more freely. In addition, it is an easy-to-use system, one of the simplest that allows you to do things better and faster than if you had done it manually.

10. AR filter

One of the trends that doesn’t seem to be slowing down are AR filters that let users do everything from polls to skins to games. The possibilities that content creators have explored with these filters are endless. There is new and interactive content almost every week. With the right idea, your AR filter could go viral.

What is your favorite Instagram tool and how did it contribute to your process? Tell me on Instagram @andrewmedal and let’s go on the offensive this crazy seasona.

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