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The 10 basic guidelines of the professional image

March 2, 2020

Personal arrangement and attitudes show your personality. How to use them in your favor?

Whether we like it or not, one thing is certain: image and attitude are powerful tools when it comes to closing deals. And it is that the personal arrangement shows the personality , and gestures, looks and postures can communicate a lot about us. Yes, even more than words.

How to project a professional and confident image to clients and partners? Take note of the following tips.

The 10 basic guidelines of the professional imageThe 10 basic guidelines of the professional image

1) Choose a style that suits your personality , that is comfortable and makes you feel safe. If you detest stilettos, don't wear them just for “looking good”! Opt for garments and accessories that fit your preferences: this way you will project greater security.

2) Find a middle ground : today, it is no longer necessary for women to wear a tailor suit and men to wear and tie to look like true professionals. Find an elegant, but casual style at the same time. It's a challenge!

3) Take care of your hands: even if you don't believe it, they say a lot about your personality. Also, when shaking someone's hand, do it firmly … but without exaggeration.

4) Maybe you love makeup, but if you want to convey security, avoid doing it in excess. Remember that, many times, less is more. Choose a base that resembles your skin tone.

5) When speaking and listening, always look your interlocutors in the eye .

6) Be discreet with accessories. You don't want them to notice your necklace more than what you're saying!

7) Take care of your breath. Having a pot with mint pills always at hand will get you out of more trouble.

8) Be on time. Better yet: arrive before the stipulated time. It accomplishes this even if it involves informal meetings or phone calls. Few things can be more unpleasant than waiting for someone who is late.

9) Listen. Don't just pretend you listen : really learn to do it, to take into account the opinions of others. Listen much more than you speak.

10) Avoid fiddling with your hands. It sounds gross, but holding your hair all the time is a habit that communicates nervousness and insecurity. On the other hand, if you are sitting with your arms crossed, you can communicate little willingness to listen. Relax your arms and place them on the table or legs.

What other aspects of your image and attitudes do you consider essential to convey a good impression?

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