That your bed does not seduce you: 8 tips to concentrate if you have to do home office

Working from home has its advantages, but also its cons: it may be harder to focus. Take note of these tips.

Working from home offers many advantages: it allows you to wake up even a little later, work without having to dress formally, cook in the moment, go out to do paperwork, walk your dog … However, it also has its cons, the Main of them, distractions abound and it is much more complicated to focus on carrying out tasks.

Did it happen to you that when doing home office you end up working for more hours than if you went to the office? So that this does not happen to you, take into account these tips that will prevent you from becoming distracted by being in front of the computer.

1. Take breaths

That your bed does not seduce you: 8 tips to concentrate if you have to do home office
That your bed does not seduce you: 8 tips to concentrate if you have to do home office

Take small breaks when you notice that your brain does not work for more. Ten minutes may be enough to concentrate an hour. To clear your mind, get up from your workplace; Go for a walk, cook something or take a short nap (but very short!).

2. Make a to-do list

Be clear at the beginning of the work day what you have to do and rank those pending; This will make it easier to distribute your time and know at the end of the day if you achieved your goals.

3. Delegate

Each member of the company must be clear about their routines and adapt them to the work to be done. Organize your team better so you can meet all the goals you have.

4. Be your own boss

It is clear that nobody persecutes you, but also that you must establish a series of goals to fulfill without practically no excuse. You should keep in mind that the work done you report to yourself; Be as severe as if you were another boss.

5. Treat yourself

When you do a good job, you should reward yourself. For example, you can give yourself a coffee, a chocolate bar or even buy something you wanted to have a long time ago.

6. Communication!

That you work from home does not mean that you have to be isolated, so you can communicate in different ways with other workers and know that you are not alone. Take advantage of social networks to be in contact with your collaborators, partners and customers.

7. Listen to music to concentrate

This advice depends on each person, because for some it is difficult to concentrate listening to any type of noise. However, keep in mind that it can help you work with more energy; The key is to choose a playlist that really motivates you to work.

8. Change workplace

Being in the same room for a long time can cause you mood problems and demotivate you, so we recommend you take advantage of the day in a cafeteria and from there move to the sofa in your home.

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