That is why Indonesia is important to Elon Musk

Although the Asian country is the largest nickel producer, it does not use the methods that have the least impact on the environment.

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That is why Indonesia is important to Elon Musk
That is why Indonesia is important to Elon Musk

Electric cars with nickel batteries charge faster and travel greater distances before they run out of power. In this process, nickel is a fundamental metal as it helps store more energy in batteries that cost less and are smaller.

Elon Musk said long ago he would sign a massive contract with the miner that would provide Tesla with inexpensive nickel and minimize its impact on the environment. However, the waste disposal methods used in this industry can make this deal difficult to close.

Indonesia is the largest nickel supplier for the manufacture of car batteries. However, the miners in this Asian country have been sharply criticized for their plans to dump waste offshore.

According to a Reuters report, that could mean Musk and other manufacturers would have to circumvent procurement rules to force the industry to change its traditional strategies and adopt greener ones.

The implementation of nickel mining projects in Southeast Asia will continue to depend on coal, oil or diesel and will have a huge impact on the environment, said Sam Riggall, CEO of Clean TeQ Holdings, which is developing a mine for Australian nickel.

“It seems to be a joke when you consider that you will later drive an ecological and sustainable car,” ironized the expert in the statements to Bloomberg.

Electric vehicles are projected to account for 58% of global car sales in 2040 and 10% in 2025.

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