Tesla shows how he builds fans using parts from his Model 3

His New York factory will soon reopen to build fans, according to Elon Musk.

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Tesla shows how he builds fans using parts from his Model 3
Tesla shows how he builds fans using parts from his Model 3

Tesla's EV plants are closed due to the coronavirus, but like other automakers, it is restructuring its operations to build fans. Now, the company has released a YouTube video showing a prototype built from electric vehicle parts including the Model 3's display and infotainment system, according to TechCrunch .

Hospital grade oxygen enters the Tesla mixing chamber (a part of the car used in vehicles). Subsequently, it is pumped through the company's custom-designed manifold, which works with the vehicle's computers and is controlled by the infotainment system. All patient parameters are displayed on the Model 3 main screen.

Tesla, along with Ford and General Motors, promised to donate or build fans, and CEO Elon Musk recently said that the New York factory could soon reopen to produce fans. The company recently donated 1,000 fans, although critics said the non-invasive models were the wrong type. This is because critically ill patients with COVID-19 need invasive ventilators that can inflate a patient's lungs with air by intubation.

However, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said so-called BiPAP non-invasive fans could become the right kind to help offset the “burn rate” of critical invasive fans. Subsequently, Elon Musk tweeted that “all hospitals received exact specifications of (the donated models) and all confirmed that they would be critical.” He added that Tesla has now begun supplying Medtronic's critical intratracheal ventilators for the “worst case scenario.”

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