Tesla is in a hiring wave to hit 500,000 annual car deliveries

The automaker is also hiring part-time workers because a report says it doesn’t have to buy laptops from them.

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Tesla is in a hiring wave to hit 500,000 annual car deliveries
Tesla is in a hiring wave to hit 500,000 annual car deliveries

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Tesla has hired approximately 1,000 sales and delivery employees in North America in the past two months. Electrek Sources familiar with the matter as he works towards his goal of 500,000 deliveries per year.

Tesla is also adopting a new recruiting strategy that focuses on hiring part-time sales and delivery staff. This will allow the company to cut costs, the source added, as part-time workers have fewer benefits and Tesla does not have to provide them with laptops and cell phones.

Tesla did not respond to the request for comment from Business Insider.

In October, Tesla beat analysts’ estimates when it had its most profitable quarter. That was the fifth profitable quarter in a row for Tesla and put it on track for its first annual profit.

The automaker aims to achieve 500,000 deliveries this year. To do that, Tesla will have to deliver 181,000 electric vehicles in the last three months of the year, 30% more than in the third quarter. In an October call for a prize, Tesla admitted the goal had “gotten tougher,” but said it could be achieved by making more Model Y and Shanghai vehicles and making logistics and delivery more efficient.

During the pandemic, Tesla criticized the way it handled its employees. In May, the company defied local on-site orders to restart production. Soon after, “several” employees in their factories are said to have tested positive for COVID-19.

In June, the company laid off at least five people at its California factory for staying home during the pandemic. CEO Elon Musk had previously told employees that they don’t have to go to work. An employee told The Washington Post who was released after his stay at home because his one-year-old son had a respiratory disease.

During the pandemic, Musk has spoken out openly against the lockdown measures. He urged leaders “to give people back their bloody liberty” and even filed a lawsuit against Alameda County, California, for suspending production at its Fremont factory.

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