FirstRegular Digital Transmissions

Network TenMedia Release

Network Ten has commenced itsdigital television transmissions in Sydney. Leading up to the official launch ofdigital television on 1 January 2001, Ten has now established its firstpermanent transmission site.


Network Ten Sydney has commencedfulltime, on-air testing, with wide-screen footage being fed through a newdigital transmitter on Sydney’s north shore. The test transmission is beingstreamed through Channel 11 (Band 3 VHF).

Ten’s Chief Executive Officer, MrJohn McAlpine, said he was delighted with the results of early testing.

“The wide screen digital footage,filmed around Sydney over the past few weeks, is being successfully transmittedin high definition format with dolby digital stereo sound,” Mr McAlpine said.

Mr McAlpine said that this week wasjust the start of five months’ continuous testing.

“Ten’s new high definitioncameras will arrive in Australia by August and we will then start shooting andtesting native high definition signals. We will also shortly be commencingtesting for simulcast of standard definition and high definition signals.”

General Manager – NetworkOperations, Mr Gerry Thorley said that following the successful introduction inSydney, test transmissions in all Ten’s capital city markets would be underwayby October this year.

“At the beginning of next year wewill have two digital transmitters operating in each of Sydney, Melbourne,Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth,” Mr Thorley said.

Mr McAlpine said Network Ten hasbeen preparing for the introduction of digital television for more than threeyears, with significant capital upgrading, staff training, and new strategicinitiatives for the digital era.

“Digital television will offerviewers the opportunity to experience amazing quality viewing and newinteractive opportunities. The smooth introduction of transmission testing todate indicates Ten is well on track for the transition to digital.”

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